Backyard Garden – Take Two {Organic this time?}

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Hubby's garden

Last year, Hubby started a garden for the first time and he was so proud of it. Unfortunately, the heat of the Summer and the dry of no rain made our water bill skyrocket and the garden just couldn’t handle it.

This year, we have already had more rain and he’s trying it again. Since I’ve begun blogging I’m learning more about green living and I thought it would be fun to try organic soil and see if we notice a difference.

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Whitney Farms® has caught my attention recently so Hubby and I have begun looking into it more. We could have a 100% organic lawn and garden with the organic plant food and with over 25 years of experience, Whitney Farms has made their products low to no dust with none of the yucky manure odor – so The Boy can help (not always possible with last year’s soil and plant food).

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Hubby is growing corn, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and more so Whitney Farms’ Tomato and Vegetable food would be great. I’m also adding in some flowers in the flower beds around the house so we could also use some of the plant food.

Whitney Farms is also offering a $3 coupon right now so we can try something new and feel good about it because we saved some money!!

Have you started a garden this year and are you going green, too? Print the coupon for Whitney Farms and try it too!! 

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  1. We always have a garden, its soo much fun growing your own veggies to eat.

  2. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    We have a garden this year, my biggest garden yet. Weeding has been a challenge! I would love to use this organic plant food!

  3. I hope it works for you this year! We had too much rain last year and all the tomatoes (hundreds of them) and the potatoes got blight. It was sad, but I’m all ready to try again this year too.
    Plant food does help.

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