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Wordless {wordy/worry} Wednesday – First T-ball Practice EVER!!

First T-ball Practice

The Boy started T-ball last night and I’m a little concerned. I have this dilemma between trying to not be super overprotective and standing up for my child.

Here’s the problem:

My boy is only 2 months past turning 4 years old. The cutoff date to start T-ball is to be 4 years old by March (he barely made it in) but the team he is on is ages 4 through 7or 8 years old!! First of all, 7-8 year olds should not be playing T-ball. Second, I do not need some hot shot 7 year old trying to get on base and running OVER my 4 year old. The Boy is big for his age (tallest, most mature for his class) but he is NOT a 7 year old!!

First T-ball Practice

He did get to play with the coach’s son who is closest to his age prior to practice starting and he was enjoying that!!

First T-ball Practice

They played around with the tees.

First T-ball Practice

Almost time for practice to start!!

First T-ball Practice

First T-ball Practice

Daddy got to help with the hitting station. Our boy is a lefty, but we tried to see if he could do better as a righty…nope…he is MUCH better as a lefty.

First T-ball Practice

Learning about what to do after you hit the ball. They ran the bases just for fun. See my little bitty boy amongst those amazon children, haha!!

First T-ball Practice

He wasn’t paying very close attention and only got to run the bases once.

First T-ball Practice

Getting ready to break up into groups for batting and throwing practice.

Okay, Moms/Dads/Coaches out there, I need advice!!


  1. I agree that is to much of an age difference. Looks like he is having a blast though so maybe a compromise by speaking with the coach can be made. You hate to break his little heart and pull him out but you want safety first.
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    • We took him out to the field again last night and practiced with him. I think we’ve discovered that while he hits left handed, he pitches right handed. Tonight, we are going to buy him a new glove, cleats, and a tee!!

  2. I am shocked that the t-ball team has that big of an age gap. We have it set up by school grade. Kindergarten is one group, 1st and 2nd another etc. You might want to suggest that they separate a little better next time. Yet again, they might not have had enough kids to play and that is why they put them all together.

    I am an over-protective mother (to an extent, I think.) I do not tolerate kids picking on my boys (hasn’t happened much) I know it is not my place to discipline other peoples children, but when those kids are messing with mine, I will let that other child know that he/she is wrong!!!

    I hear your fears, and I send virtual hugs!!!
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    • The virtual hugs mean more than you know!! I will definitely defend my boy no matter what…and I have a husband who would “throw down” if someone does something to threaten or harm either one of us. For now, though, I think we are going to hold back just slightly to see what happens.

      He just looked so darn LITTLE our there!!! We are NOT used to that!!!

  3. Mom… take a deep breathe! If he is the same size as these 7/8 year old’s then relax a bit. I know he is only 4, but sometimes size will determine what he plays age wise in the future too. I have an 8 year old daughter who loves sports, she also has 3 different seizure disorders, so like you I play the wonderful sport of worry from the sidelines. Sometimes we just have to sit back and let our kids grow, even when its not under the circumstances that we as parents feel are ideal. If he seems happy and adjusted and okay with playing with the big kids then let him go. Talk to the coach only if you see a problem arising, such as the older kids being to rough with your son. Good luck and remember most importantly cherish these memories!
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  4. You should talk to the league and see why they’d allow 7 and 8 year olds to play with 4 year olds. I’d be a mess too. But, gauge how he is doing and if he loves it. I am sure he won’t be scarrred and maybe he will have great memories and character building moments. (All the while, you are a nervous wreck. LOL!)
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    • I’m not a drinker, but a little shot before practice (and two before a game) might fix this problem… Oh, but wait, I drive the family to/from… Oh well!!

  5. Danielle says:

    I don’t understand how a league can allow 7-8 year olds w/ 4 year olds but I’m hoping the coaches have experience with this age group so they can probably help reduce your fears if you approach them.

    This makes me so excited for my son. He’s not quite old enough but is definitely interested in sports already. I’m sure he’ll want to start playing next year. Your little guy is just adorable!
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    • Thank you so much!! It was hard to gauge last night because it was the first practice and the coach was not there (just his wife) so all of the other teammates’ dads were out there helping and while I’m sure they mean well, they aren’t trying to teach my son. They really only want their child to do well. At least that was how it went LAST night!!

  6. Looks like he is having so much fun, but that organization needs re-evaluated. No way I would want my kid playing with bigger kids in such a sport. It’s supposed to be fun, not worrying if your kid is going to get mown down. Definitely something I’d bring up with the coach or whoever does the organization. Btw – love the pics!
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  7. That is a tough one… on 1 hand, you want to let them learn, have fun and the life lesson is that you don’t have to always be the best player on the team as long as you have fun playing. HOWEVER… I find fault with the organization that puts 4 yr olds with 8 yr olds for that in the 1st place… that’s a huge age and size difference. Your little guys skills just can’t be compared to an older kid and he may get discouraged as well as hurt. I’d let it ride for a bit and see how YOUR guy rolls with it. But, you don’t want him to hate the game if it becomes too much… you’re mom. You’ll know when to step in… your heart will tell you <3
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    • That is exactly how I am feeling!! I want him to try and I want him to feel independent. We have always been that way because I don’t want a “momma’s boy” but I also don’t want him to get trampled, forgotten, left behind, or worst of all, discouraged!!

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