Wordless Wednesday – Life of a Blogger Mommy

I have convinced my husband that entering giveaways to “support my fellow bloggers” is actually blogging, so I was “technically” blogging…while my boy was “fixing” my hair. 

Life of a Blogger Mommy

I love that first comment after I posted this on my personal Facebook page!!

What do your children do to you when you’re blogging and/or working at home?!!


  1. Well, yesterday was my first day with my site back up – So I worked like a CRAZY woman, posting non stop!

    First, my little girl dressed herself. She put shorts over her sweats, 2 different shoes on, pulled the rubber bands out of her hair so it was a crazy wild mess, and wore them as bracelets. Add in some mardi gras beads a little later – and WHOOO! What a fashionista.

    Then – She was sitting in front of the fan, giggling. She was sitting still, so I thought it was ok. But no – it wasn’t the wind blowing on her face that she was giggling about – She had found this yellow, hollow, chocolate duck candy from Easter. She was breaking it up, throwing it into the fan – and it would blow it back in a kind of yellow-frosted-mess. Her face was covered, and she was licking her lips saying – “Mmm. Good. Momma – good!!”

    Ah, the life of a mom blogger 🙂

  2. Isra says:

    Janet, this is the best pic ever!!!! Right now my 18 mos. old is on my back while I “blog” heheh too too cute!

    • janet says:

      I love when he does this (feels good on my back and I love feeling his fingers in my hair) but sometimes I have actual WORK to do… 😛

  3. Sara says:

    Too cute! Thanks for sharing! You made me smile this morning!

  4. ella says:

    Ha ha ha
    this is me yesterday, we should do a picture party of all our “glorious blogging moments” great post to start the day

  5. Love it! That’s what I usually look like when I’m trying to write a post but add two dogs next to me. 🙂

    • janet says:

      yes, the two dogs are usually clawing at me as well and husband is rubbing my arm trying to get my attention. in fact, I think our pug may have been biting my toe at this time…and my husband wasn’t near me because I made HIM take the picture!!

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