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Blue Ribbon for Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness MonthI am so unbelievably honored to have this guest post for you all today. This person touched my heart and my life in so many ways that she will NEVER know the impact she made on me. She mentions in this note that I left and she has no idea how hard that was for me and there are times when I wish I hadn’t and there are reasons that I absolutely had to, for her sake as well as my own.

My name is Demarris Laird and I suffered through child abuse. I was about 4 or 5 years old when it first happened.

It started with pushing, then hitting, then beating with any object she put her hands on.

Child Abuse may not always be by the ones you love, it can also be by the people you just met. I was beaten every day by my stepmother. My father never knew but when he found out he would blow it over his shoulders like he didn’t care. I felt so many times I deserved it because I would steal from school.

I was beat up until the age of 11 and I had no one to really turn to because no one cared to listen or help. So I felt stuck and the man who calls himself my father and who I thought was my hero wasn’t really there for me. He worked two jobs and when he was off from one job and came home early from the other job every Sunday, he didn’t give me the time of day. He would drink beer and sit in front of the TV and watch the football game.

Where was my hero then and sometimes I ask where is my hero now?

He doesn’t believe his wife did a thing and my stepmother always denies it. I suffer through alot of anger and depression, but thanks to all the people who had my back when i fell.

Janet, I love you.

Even though I moved from home to home she was there, but then she had to go and I felt so alone in the world.

But now I can say I am a stronger person. I am engaged to a wonderful man and 30 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Still working through some anger issues but hey everyone’s not perfect, not even close.

I escape my pains though by writing about it in my poetry. I find it very relaxing and calming.

One day i will come out on top and overcome all the trials and tribulations and start my new life with a wonderful family. I will show people who didn’t believe in me, I can be something and that’s why I’m hoping I will be able to have my poetry book published but I’ll just blog for now.

Thank You Janet for always believing in me. I Love You!!

I Love You, too, Demarris – so much more than I can tell you!!

Demarris is the author of Poetic Challenge (Life Situations). She is 19 years old and growing a brand new family. 


  1. Ok 🙂

  2. Thank you janet. i look forward to everyone reading it and enjoying what i have to say. thank you all for being supportive. it puts a smile on my face and in my heart.

    • janet says:

      I just approved several more comments, too!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I look forward to reading your poetry.

  4. I would like to say Thnak you to Janet for being there for you. I hate that tyour father did not stop it. But I am so hapy you have overcame it all and are now having a new baby Congrats.

  5. katy says:

    A very brave girl who has gone through hell. Opening up this way reminds peolpe that this DOES happen and should NEVER be ignored!

  6. Thanks i will always try to keep my head up and live everyday one at a time. Janet will always be in my heart no matter where she goes. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. Sometimes i feel i won’t be a good mother but i know i will.

    • janet says:

      You are going to be an amazing mother because you know better. I’m always here for you if you need a friend!!

  7. That poor kid, I just hate hearing about stuff like this. I don’t understand how anyone could hurt a child.

  8. I am in tears reading this. I am so sorry for your stolen childhood. This is unfair. I am happy you came across Janet and other people who helped you through this. I am happy for your new life. Stay safe and strong.

    • thank you and i thank god everyday that janet was my case worker and i am glad she is back in my life now.

  9. Kristin W says:

    I am glad that she is in a better place now!! I hate that some people do that to children!!

  10. Monica says:

    My heart breaks for you that you had to live by that. But you take all that you have learned from your life experiences and you do better for your baby boy! I am sure he will be loved beyond belief. Stay strong and keep writing!

  11. Frances says:

    The best thing for her is to try to be the best mom to her child. I know that her experiences will tell her what it takes to be a good caring parent.

  12. Tiffany @ Home Grown Families says:

    UGH!!! I want to grab them ALL up and keep them safe. I can’t stand that some children aren’t protected.
    Her Dad should be ashamed.
    Keep being there for her J!

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