The Fun of Using Shaving Cream {A daddy and his boy}

Do you ever have one of those really cute moments with your child and you just want to share it, but then you wonder who you can share it with? It’s too long for a Facebook status and too short for a full blog post, but you know what…it’s my blog and my husband wanted to tell this story. I love his stories, so here goes…

A daddy and his boy

Shaving is a daily ritual for men that sometimes seems like such a drag!  However, when you have a four year old boy who want to do everything daddy does it makes it far more fun to look forward to!  My boy likes to watch me shave in the morning and one day said, “I wanna do it, I wanna do it!”  So, I found a razor and took out the cartridge with the blades and handed it to him.  I started him off by splashing some water on his face,  cold of course, don’t wanna hurt the lad.  Then I started putting the shaving cream on him, and he started to laugh and laugh cuz it tickled!  Then he looked in the mirror and started calling the shaving cream his beard.  He put the emptied razor under the water and ran it down his cheek just like his daddy, and continued until all the shaving cream was gone!  He then looked in the mirror and declared himself handsome and ran off to show his mommy!  But, not before he put deodorant on his elbows, but that is another story!

Tell me some funny stories from your children. I love to hear them!!

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  1. I loved this story and I’m glad I stopped by to read it. Your a great dad! So often we get caught up with life and daily routines that we hustle through them. I’d say you both got a great memory from that one experience that will last you both a life time.
    Thanks for sharing.

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