Super Dooper Pooper Book {Review}

 **Warning: This post is full of POOP!!

The Super Dooper Pooper

A while back I was talking with MamaNYC about my son's poopy problems and she is having the same issue. Our sons have been teetee trained for a long time, but they just won't give up the poop!!

I've tried all the tricks in the book. I've tried bribery, threatening, sitting with him in the bathroom for hours. I've tried prizes and attention as well as punishment and privileges taken away. He just would not go!!

I was sent a Super Dooper Pooper prize pack for review, but I was concerned that things would still not go well. You all know by now how much my son LOVES to read and this book was no exception. He loved Scout, the Super Dooper Pooper, and we read the book many, many times while sitting on the potty. He wanted to be Super just like Scout so we kept trying.

The book comes with a Poopy chart and stickers, but we already had a chart in progress so he didn't want to put it up, but the book seemed to inspire him because he finally started going at home!! Yes, he finally started going at home…yippee!!

We were still having problems at daycare. He would either hold it in so long at daycare that he would have "marks" in his underpants when he got home or he would have an "accident" while out on the playground because that is when the teachers aren't eagle-eyeing him for "the look" that he gets. We decided to take the chart to daycare and they were so helpful to put it up in their cabinet with his name on it. Now I can report that he has gone twice at daycare!! I think he's getting more comfortable with it…yippee!!

You know, I am hesitant to say that this book is the REASON he started going poopy in the potty, BUT it is suspicious timing…and it definitely ENCOURAGED him!!

You can find Scout, the Super Dooper Pooper book online at

 Super Dooper Pooper Book • $11.95

This sweet tale of a pre-potty trained bear is ideal to read before and while on the potty. The adorable hardback book tells the story of a Baby Bear introduced to his new super dooper hero seat, a.k.a. the potty. Mama Bear sprays a little Super Dooper Pooper spray into the bowl, baby Bear does his business and is rewarded with a new pair of Super Dooper hero underpants. Then comes pride and, hopefully, a repeat performance!

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From The Makers of Spritz The Bowl Before You Go Comes Super Dooper Pooper Spray & Potty Training Book

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