Super Dooper Pooper Before-You-Go Spray Review

*Warning: If your poop smells like roses {I know mine does!!} then this post is not for you. However, if you live with boys, or stinky little girls, then you NEED to read this!!

Super Dooper Pooper Before-You-Go Spray

I live with two boys and there are many conversations that happen in our household that, well..just plain STINK!! Lately, a lot of our conversations revolve around poop and whether my son is going to poop in his pants or be a big boy and poop in the potty. I mentioned earlier that we received a Super Dooper Pooper book and read about Scout who learned to go poop in the potty. Part of the magic of Scout finding his Super Dooper Pooper power is the Super Dooper Pooper Before-You-Go Spray!!


Super Dooper Pooper Before-You-Go Spray • $9.95

Choose the color of your spray – pink or blue – from this 2-ounce bottle of calming aromatherapy. Spray into potty, wait for child to “go,” then flush and enjoy the scent of grapefruit, orange and ylang-ylang. Caregiver and child both avoid any stinky smells associated with the potty. Grapefruit and orange oils develop a calming and uplifting effect (parents can really use positive stress relievers) while ylang-ylang offers a calming property to help with potty training. Imagine ahhhhh instead of eeeeww!

My boy loved to see the potty water turn blue and smell good before he went poop. He was concerned that the blue would keep him from hearing the "plop" but he tried it anyway and all came out Super Dooper!!

We have teased The Boy in the past about stinking up our house with his poop because he thought it was so funny and would try even harder to go potty so he could stink us out. With the blue spray he knows he won't stink us out, but the allure of blue potty water is just too appealing. 

Our boy really loves his Super Dooper Pooper Spray!!


Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know! Poo~Pourri Original 2oz Bottle - Stop embarrassing odor with our Patent Pending bathroom freshener.

We also received a bottle of Original Poo-Pourri for review. Our master bedroom has an attached restroom which my husband uses for his "business". I've mentioned in the past that we live in our bedroom so when he has his "moments" we all know…enough said.

I have highly encouraged my husband to use this spray and when he remembers, I have noticed a big difference in my ability to breathe freely for the rest of the evening. So…as I said in the beginning…

If your poop don't stink, you won't need this, BUT if you have a husband (and a boy) like me, then you will definitely want this!!

"Spritz the Bowl Before you Go and No One Else Will Ever Know" This blend of 9 Natural Essential Oils such as Bergamot, Lemongrass and Grapefruit creates a protective film on the surface of the water; effectively eliminating any odor before it even begins!


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From The Makers of Spritz The Bowl Before You Go Comes Super Dooper Pooper Spray & Potty Training Book

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