Second Nature: Forces of Nature Book Tour – An excerpt

I have a special treat for you today!!

Elizabeth Sharp's newest book, Second Nature, is on tour and has stopped by GCWG to give you a sneak peek at Amelia's Story. Check out the excerpt below and don't forget to come and enter to win Amelia's necklace before April 27!!

I searched for his familiar energy and found him steadily approaching. I sighed in relief knowing Nate was close. I should be hearing his car pull into the drive any moment. I went out the door and peered to the street in the direction I sensed him, but even as my eyes swept past the spot where he should have been, his familiar presence disappeared from my mind.

I ran without a conscious thought. I flew down the driveway, and the sound of feet behind me told me I wasn’t alone. As I came to where our driveway and the street met, I saw Nate’s car and stifled a sob. The front end was smashed to the point that the front window was obscured. A pool of fluids spread from underneath the car like blood.

I couldn’t move, couldn’t make myself look to see his dead body—that was the only way he could have disappeared. Not seeing anything through my tears, I just stood. My mind was stuck, unable to process beyond the single image of the demolished Pontiac. The crumpled lump of red metal blurred as tears filled my eyes, but I blinked them back. There was too much to do if I could only make my brain work.

I have no idea who moved first, but suddenly Xander said something and Sariah walked around the car to the passenger side. All I could hear was a strange whooshing sound, which was my own heartbeat. My chest was tight and each breath shorter than the last. I was hyperventilating. As the world retreated to a tiny black dot, I heard a tiny voice in my mind. So this is what a panic attack feels like.

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Second Nature continues the tour through April 19. Check out where it's going next below and don't forget to enter to win.


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