Real Romance what a novel idea!

A friend the other day asked me why I write romance novels. The answer was simple, it’s because I am a hopeless romantic that’s life lacks a little romance. She rolled her eyes at me and told me that romance was made for Disney movies before calling me Cinderella and told me to keep believing in love. Normally, I would have taken offense to her eye roll and smart remark, but it actually made me think about my concept of romance, love, and the happily ever after.

I am not going to lie, I have seen every Disney movie to date and still love the fact that the girl falls for the charming guy and they live happily ever after. It’s classic. It’s romance no matter how cheesy or predictable, which brings me to my romance novels. I know love is not as simple as the Disney movies make me believe it which is why I started writing.

As a teen I was all about the steamy romance novels with the forbidden love and passion concepts and I thought I could put my own spin on romance.  I wanted a change from the same old tale a different author type of story. I wanted my stories to have the romantic gestures (you know the hearts and flowers) but I wanted the reader to understand why the girl fell for this guy outside his good looks and I definitely didn’t want to be an instant love at first sight attraction. In a roundabout way I wanted the Disneyesque story but with real life situations, if that makes sense.  

My stories are far from the typical. I try to use concepts that either haven’t been used or used as much and I play on the themes that would happen in real life situations. You know, you drink the night away after a break up or you find out charming is a liar. I always want to be the writer that laughs with my characters and cries with them because the circumstances feel real but at the end of the day I still want it to be about the romance.

Maybe my concepts are typical and I’m just a weirdo but I’d like to know what your concepts on love and romance are?


Fate's Design, a Paranormal Romance 

(Fate Series Book One)


  1. Lola says:

    Awwww! That is sweet love I love that Teressa!!! Thanks for responding and don’t forget to enter to win!



  2. Well, I have been married for 24 years to my high school sweetheart, so I guess I have kind of an old-fashioned idea of love. To me love means offering to do the dishes because he knows I’m too tired tonight or kissing me on the forehead if he gets out of bed before me in the morning. Little things like that.

    • Mandie says:

      I agree Teressa, it’s always the little things that spell LOVE to me <3

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