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I have been thinking a lot about my future in blogging and thought I would take a few moments to talk about this issue that has come up recently in one of my blogging groups. Actually, it comes up quite often as new bloggers come along and realize that the “hobby” they started on a whim is actually quite addicting and it could become more than just a little fun online.

I’m talking about branding, copyrighting, trademarking, OWNING your blog image.

When I first started my blog, I picked a theme at random that was cute and pink and just went with it. I researched online how to make my own blog button and was in the process of working on a header. Another newbie blogger friend of mine emailed me out of the blue with an idea for a new header for me – and the Pirates were up!!

I love, Love, LOVE my Pirates!! They are so fun and I hear from a lot of people that they are eye-catching. They actually reflect my family’s personality really well (Hubby and I have a pirate joke from our first date that never stopped).

I don’t OWN my Pirates. 

The Pirates came from a sticker package in Picnik (which is going away on April 19, so they should just give them to me) so I can never really trademark them or OWN them – unless I manage to get through to oh-so-powerful Google to find out who made the Pirates so I can possibly buy from them, but then I’m thinking that’s going to (a) be impossible and (b) be extremely expensive.

A blogger friend of mine has recently gone through something similar to this when she suddenly realized that the title of her blog was already taken!! I remember when she was getting ready to buy her domain and was asking around for ideas for her blog name and then she decided on a name, bought the domain, and started building it up – quite successfully I might add!! I don’t know all of the details around how she found out, but apparently her blog name was very similar (difference of a “the”) to an established website. I would have died – or at least given up!!

This strong lady just took it all in stride and now we are all so happy to be blogging friends with


You should really go check out her new site, it’s so adorable!!

So, my tip in all of this is do your research, buy/make/use your own images when developing your brand, and if you ever do come across a new blog that has “stolen” your name, go easy on them. The blogger may not have known you existed!!

(of course, sometimes it’s obvious that someone has stolen and is trying to be you, and to those people, boo on you!!)

Now, I have a question – what do I do about the Pirates?!!


  1. Exactly and I think it would be so cute. I may do something like that with my blog but with mabey animals.

  2. Why not take pictures of your family and find a designer who can turn you all into pirates and then you will have yourselves on the blog?

    • janet says:

      I’ve been thinking that too!! Like a caricature, but with pirates!!

  3. Great post and one I need to think about as I buy my own domain and decide on my new blog design which will become part of my brand. I love Life as Leels too and think her new blog name is better anyways. But it was horrible for her to go through that.

    As for your pirates, although they are cute, I agree you need ones designed just for you.

  4. Thanks Janet!!! This post really post a smile on my face and gave me warm fuzzies!!! Thank you! 🙂

    PS: I love Gena’s idea about having a contest having someone draw something for you! I am sure someone (even some designers – I have a couple up my sleeves that are VERY reasonable) can draw up or find some pirate vectors for you to use!

    • janet says:

      Leila, let’s talk!! I want to keep my Pirates…or something of my OWN!!

  5. Gena says:

    can you not find a really good artist to draw the Pirates for you….with maybe a different spin? You should totally offer 6 months of free advertising if someone is willing to draw something awesome for you. Or no…let it be a contest where fans can vote and ahhh yes, I do believe that’s a good idea!!! 🙂

    I love Life With Leels and yeah, I would go crazy if I had to start over completely. I don’t like big bad bullying bloggers. 🙁

    • Aw, thank you Gena!

    • janet says:

      You and Leila are so inspiring!! I wonder if designers would be up for something like this. I’ve even had thoughts of taking a web design class to learn to draw them myself!!

  6. I really try to be cautious about my stuff – just in case. If this was me, I would just somebody to make me new pirates (Yeah – it cost money, but those would be yours)

  7. That is one of the things about the web… two people can easily have similar ideas…. and start them up in totally different ways. I’m not sure that trademarking is the way I will go… but it is food for thought

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