I’m a Super Dooper Pooper T-shirt Review

My boy is pooping in the potty!!

How come no one ever tells you that after the goo, goo, goo Hallmark moments, there are endless poo, poo, poo times from diapers to potty training to successful, but still stinky, bathroom adventures.

If you're tired of hearing about my boy's poopy problems all the time, then you should be rejoicing with me right about now!!

Due in part to the Super Dooper Pooper Spray and Potty Training Book, my son has found his inner Super Dooper Pooper. We've tried it all: threats, praises, stickers, candy, bribes, punishments, begging…

Once my boy heard the story of Scout, the Super Dooper Pooper, and started spraying the magic blue Before-You-Go Spray in the potty, he was determined to learn. After a few successful trips to the potty at home, he was still struggling to go at daycare. Either he would hold it in, causing streaks in his underpants, or he would let it go while nobody was watching, and poop in his pants. 

We used the chart from the Super Dooper Pooper book and posted it in a cabinet at daycare and took stickers for him to earn. He has some really awesome teachers at daycare who were very encouraging and now I am happy to say, he has earned two stickers!!

My boy is a Super Dooper Pooper!!

“I’m A Super Dooper Pooper” T-shirt • $11.95 • Sizes 2T-4T

Toddlers should be proud of their accomplishments and these cute shirts do the bragging for them. Available in several sizes, the crisp white tee has bright blue lettering for boys and hot pink for girls. Let everyone know your kid is super … in so many ways.


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