Meet Goober from Happy Toy Machine {review}

happy toy machine

Attention Readers: Have you ever seen a GOOBER with a green head, blue tenticles, devil ears, and red horns? No, I haven't GONE CRAZY yet…here he is…


Create your own creature with happy toy machine!!

This is my son's newest "prize" and he got to create it online!!


I was offered the chance to create a one of a kind toy with Happy Toy Machine and it became quite a fun game with my husband and boy. We visited the online toy designer and started playing around with all the options. We changed heads, ears, arms, legs, colors, logos…we must have seen every option in the design tool before finally agreeing on GOOBER. We saved him in our Creations album in our free account and then ordered him to arrive on our doorstep. The Boy didn't really understand that he was actually coming in the mail, but Hubby and I were anxiously waiting for him every day!!

Our creation from arrived and The Boy loves GOOBER!!

I'm pretty sure The Boy was in love with his creation when it arrived!!

Let me show you some of the features we picked out:

We chose the shape and color of his head, picked out eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, mustache, whiskers, horns…

We picked the head shape and color, mustache, eyebrows, horns, eyes, create GOOBER at

We had a little discussion over the arms, but settled on tentacles and webbed feet and chose their color.

We picked out tenticles and feet, colors for both, pants and shirt color...for our creation at

What creature could go without wings and a curled tail?!!

We picked out wings and a curly tail, colors for them all...for our creature from

We picked out the color of his shirt and decided on dials for an emblem.

We picked out an emblem for his shirt...for our creation from

and here's the happy toy machine tag…so we know it's genuine!!

happy toy machine tag for GOOBER...our creature from

Our creature arrived quickly and looks so much like the picture in the online toy designer.

Create your own creature at!!The final creation of GOOBER from

Since we played with the online toy designer to make GOOBER, we've played around quite a bit more. Here are a few more of our creations!! Meet EAR and ALIEN – The Boy's original creations!!

Create your own Creature with!!Create your own Creature with!!

Aren't you just loving these creatures?!!

happy toy machine is an online toy design company where you can make your very own unique creature. Design as many toys are you want for free, share them with friends and family, buy the ones you LOVE, browse through others' creations…and order whenever you're ready!! happy toy machine will make your creation and it will arrive at your doorstep too!!

Why not check out the creations now and play around and make your own!!

When your toy arrives, the invoice will have a picture of your creation:

Invoice for our creation, GOOBER, from

and stickers featuring your creation!!

Stickers featuring our creation, GOOBER, from

Make it a game with your family or you can all create a toy and take votes on whose is cutest. Head on over to happy toy machine now and see what you can create. In no time at all your little Goober could be cuddling with his little GOOBER…

Our little Goober sleeping with his GOOBER - our creation from

Check out happy toy machine today. You can also follow them: happy toy machine on Facebook and happy toy machine on Twitter

Create a Toy, Visit the Gallery, Buy a Gift Card - happy toy machine!!

What would you create at Happy Toy Machine?

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  1. laura says:

    This is such a cool idea! My daughter loves Fashion Playtes where she can design her clothes, but they don’t yet offer items for boys…this is so cool and you can be creative! Love it!

  2. Kim Shane says:

    I am not sure if this is the right place for this comment but I just wanted to Thank You for sponsoring the Tisket a tasket giveaway !!

  3. becky dunn says:

    i really wonder what i could come up with for a toy i know it would have to be loveable but orange for war eagle and it would have to go to my grandson. i really love the little man guess i have him spoiled

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