Crunch or Not – Cloth Diaper Dilemmas

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Call it peer pressure from reading too many blogs or call it the Green Movement going on in the world – call it what you want – but I am truly considering cloth diapers with Baby #2 (well, that is if we ever have a Baby #2). I've read a LOT of reviews on cloth diapers and I just keep thinking that it just seems to make sense.

Hubby and I have always struggled with money and there were times when we were looking at packs of diapers and praying they would stretch just a little longer until payday. Now that our boy is 4 years old and still in Pull-Ups at night, we are still praying that the Pull-Ups will last just a little longer.

I came across an article with a down to earth look on Why Use Cloth Diapers and it hits home when you consider the number of diapers a child could use before being potty trained and the amount of time it takes for one diaper to biodegrade. 

Here are the arguments going on in my head:

Gross, gross, gross!! – okay, seriously, we touch the pee and poop and wipe it all anyway. If we learn how to wash the cloth diapers appropriately, it can't be any worse than if the crappy disposable diaper leaks anyway!!

Don't those fancy diapers cost a lot?!! – Well, yeah, but they last a re-ea-eally long time!! Maybe I could win one of those REALLY HUGE CLOTH DIAPER GIVEAWAYS!!

What will my friends, family, daycare think?!! – Who cares, at least my online friends will love me!!

Side Note: While hanging out on this site, I came across this title

–> My Son's Penis is NOT Your Business <–

and it made me think about when I was pregnant with our son. My husband was raised Jewish and his family is still very much Jewish, but I was raised Christian. I knew I wanted my son circumcised, but it was "just because". I didn't do research or anything, I just knew that's what I wanted for him. What scared me was that all I knew about the subject and Jewish practice is that there is "some kind of party" that they do and the circumcision is done at home. I knew I didn't want THAT!! Hubby and I discussed it and although he wasn't a Christian at that time, he didn't want the bris either – phew!!

*just had to share that story*

Now, what do you think – do I take the plunge and cloth diaper or do I stick with what I know? Is it possible to be Half-Crunchy?!!


  1. Darcy says:

    A little crunchy is better than not crunchy at all! I think you would have fun with it. Even if you just use a few but don’t cloth diaper full-time it is better for baby’s bum, better on your wallet, and better for the environment!

  2. Tiffany Cruz says:

    I cloth diaper exclusively now and I’m so glad I do. Not having to buy diapers is awesome. It all started with I did a review for Softbums. Now I’m hooked.

    I read the post about My Son’s Penis is NOT Your Business and I couldn’t believe how mean people were being. It’s a shame how immature some grown-ups act.

  3. Jenn says:

    Give cloth a chance, you’ve really got nothing to lose! 🙂

  4. Gena says:

    Totally possible to be half crunchy! My boys are both heavy wetters, so they wore disposables at night and cloth during the day. my advice is this….start shopping for cloth diaper sales. We use one size diapers that work from 7-35 lbs or so (I wouldn’t know, really, since both of mine came out near 9 lbs and still haven’t met the 35 mark. 🙂 and since this is baby #2, maybe only ask for cloth diapers on your registry? (add on a few pink clothes if it’s girl!). You can totally do this!!!! We will be here to walk you through it!!!


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