Children’s Claritin Mom Crew: My son has HIVES!! #ClaritinMoms

Children's Claritin: I'm a Mom Crew MemberYesterday, I received a frantic call from daycare and had to leave work suddenly because The Boy had a "rash" over his entire body. His teacher said they noticed him scratching and looked at his body and it was turning red and his eyes were swollen. When I arrived at daycare, he was at the front desk, dancing around, but I could see the red over his torso and eyes. He was excited to be going home and even more excited when I told him we were going to the doctor.

By the time we arrived at Urgent Care, he was screaming that his feet were hurting and I had to take off his shoes and socks. Sitting in the exam room, I watched as his shoulders and torso was swelling with what looked like blisters and he was turning red all over. It became a game with him with me trying to keep him from scratching by rubbing on his itchy areas. He was still smiling then and just really itchy. The doctor came in and looked him over and finally decided…

He had hives!!

Honestly, I had no idea that children could get hives and I thought they were only due to stress. Although my boy is nervous at times, I wouldn't label him a stressful child.

The doctor gave him Benadryl (for a fast reaction) and a steroid shot and he started looking better in minutes. He suggested that we give The Boy Claritin from now on and try to determine what he came into contact with to cause the allergic reaction.

Today, my boy is at daycare and there is bruising all over where the hives were yesterday. We have no idea what caused it because nothing about his day or his food has changed in the past few days. He had visited at my sister's house the night before and I thought they did yard work, but my sister says they were done by the time he got there. It was all very strange and scary!!

Children's Claritin Mom Crew Member

The fortunate part of all of this is that I recently was chosen to be a part of the Children's Claritin Mom Crew and I had quite a few samples on hand to give to him!!

I have always been a fan of Claritin for my own allergies and when The Boy was born and I knew within a few weeks that he was going to have allergies like his parents, I was happy to learn that Claritin can be given to children ages 2 and up!!

As a Children's Claritin Mom Crew Member, I will be bringing you news and updates on my family's experience with allergies as well as information about Claritin throughout the year. Follow my Claritin posts for tips and tools to survive the allergy seasons!!

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Fun Activities from Claritin

“Casey and the School Day Sneezes”: Download a FREE PDF Storybook that helps explain to kids what allergies are, how you get them, and what you can do to manage them.

The Children’s Claritin ® Taking on Allergies Game: Allergies aren’t very much fun, but this game sure is! Playing a game is a great way to start talking with your child and teaching him or her about allergens. Print the Children’s Claritin ® Taking on Allergies Game and play it with your child today.

Disclosure: As a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.


  1. Marie says:

    We (accidently) found out my oldest daughter was allergic was allergic to most insect bites. We had to keep Benedryl on hand at all times, and an epi pen. It’s a scary situation!

  2. Sarah @ East9thStreet says:

    I hate rashes. They are the most difficult to diagnose and usually the treatment is some type of steroids. Glad you little guy is doing better!

  3. What a scary situation! I’m glad he’s feeling better now! My sister used to get hives from time to time and they never figured out why. She eventually grew out of it.

  4. I’m glad that your son is doing better – that must have been a scary experience for both of you!

  5. April H says:

    So glad your boy is doing better! It’s so scary when something like that happens!

  6. barb says:

    I’m so glad ‘the boy’ is doing much better…I’ve always hated the hives. They freakin’ hurt! As an adult I find it to be excrutiating so I know he had to have been hurting.

    A congrats is in order too…
    Congratulations on becoming a Children’s Claritin Mom!!! That’s awesome news! Happy to know that when I have questions about Claritin, I can ask you. 🙂


  7. Kristin W says:

    Wow, that must have been scary! I am glad that he is okay.

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