Wordless Wednesday – Papa’s Birthday and PlasmaCar!!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday and he wanted to cook burgers for US rather than us take him out. It just so happens that The Boy's PlasmaCar arrived on Monday so we took it over for him to show Papa!! 

(We won the PlasmaCar in the Christmas Letdown Giveaway on Mommy Who Loves Giveaways!!)

After the showing off of his new wheels, The Boy wanted to sit and watch Papa cook the "ham-bingers".

Papa and The Boy


  1. Charlene says:

    Love the pictures! Those plasma cars are so much fun, I wish they made them for adults 🙂

  2. Oh geez…the boy is too cute!

  3. Icar says:

    Oh I like the little boy’s plasma car!…aND of course Grandpa’s hamburger!

  4. What fun!! I bet he is having a blast 🙂

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