MOH band Review/Sponsor Spotlight!! #LuckIrish EXTRA ENTRIES

MOH band

MOH Bands

I work full time out of the home and blog almost full time as well. I love reviewing ebooks and rarely have time to just sit at home and read them. I'm always on the go!!One product that has really helped me recently is my new MOH band – Memory On Hand!!

MOH Band

This is a fun little rubber bracelet (just like the popular "cause" bracelets) but you can store your files and always have them "hand"y. When I head to work sometimes I do still have some blogging to do (shh..) so I will often start a project in one place and need to finish it in another. Having this band with me at all times is great because I don't have to worry about something being stored on one computer while I'm using another.

Parents!! This is a great way to help your kids with their school work and always have their work with them.

MOH Bands are also a really great school fundraiser!! Kids can pick from lots of colors and styles and I think especially the Junior High kids would really love them.

Head over to and check out all the great colors and tell me which you would choose if you won one today (wait, did I say win one?!! keep reading…)

You can also find MOH in these places!!

Kickstarter ProgramFacebookTwitter

Memory on Hand, the Cambridge, MA startup that creates, manufactures, and sells The MoH Band – a fashionable USB wristband – has launched a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects, that helps raise money for individuals and companies through the support of a larger community. Andrew Kitzenberg and Jeff Brayer have recently launched their Memory on Hand Kickstarter project and are trying to create new products, grow the business, and keep the company their own. To do this they need your support!




MOH Bands wants to give away one band to one of my readers during the Luck of the Irish Giveaway Hop going on right now (Ends 3/17)!!

Head on over to the #LuckIrish Giveaway and enter!!


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