International Stand Up to Bullying Day #PinkShirtDay

Pink Shirt Day - Stand Up to Bullying Day

For over 2 years, my son was bullied. He was called bad names and excluded from games and parties. He was even threatened to be killed. At first, we thought it was just teasing. The teasing was continuous. My son felt isolated. It was heartbreaking.

What is bullying then? Where is the line between Bullying and harmless behavior?

Bullying behavior may include name calling, verbal or written abuse, exclusion from activities, exclusion from social situations, physical abuse, or coercion. Bullies may behave this way to be perceived as popular or tough or to get attention. They may bully out of jealousy or be acting out because they themselves are bullied. Source:

My son was facing bullying, not teasing. We took several actions with the school staff. Things took 2 years to smooth a bit. He is still bullied but less than before.

Other bullying stories

My son is not the only child bullied. I am sharing with you some bullying stories that are heartbreaking. For safety reasons, I will keep the sources and names anonymous

·         My kids have high functioning autism. They are bullied.

·         My son told me that a kid tried to strangle him when he was in the 7th and 8th grade.

·         I was bullied in school, just terrible.

·         My son had a bullying experience at school, actually at the bus stop. He was cornered by a group of siblings.

Stand up to Bullying

We can help our bullied children and stand up to bullying by taking some actions:

·         Discuss with your child, love him, and understand him. As a parent, you are a key player in this unfortunate situation.

·         Meet with the school staff and try to set up a plan to tackle the situation.

·         Go to the school meetings, fund raisers: Let other children know that your child has a parent who cherishes him, who will do everything to protect him. Bullying stopped when my husband met the bully in the principal office. I called it: Bullying: The Dad’s effect.

Today: March 30th is the International Stand Up to Bullying Day. You can show your support by wearing a pink shirt, discussing bullying within your community, tweeting!

Olfa is the founder of OurFamilyWorld: an online magazine for busy moms. She is going to BlogHer and would love your support to stand up to bullying.


  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    I was picked on/borderline bullied it is a hard thing to go through. I’m so glad people are talking openly about this issue.

  2. Cynthia Brooks says:

    I am so glad a lot of schools feel now they have the tools to stop bullinging when it happens nowadays. Bullying is something we need to put a spotlight on for the reason that alot of kids who bully are quite mean and misguided, and if they’re not doing right they need to be shown how and realize they can’t be horrible to fellow students.
    Cynthia Brooks recently posted..A Shared Prize of 1,000 DollarsMy Profile

  3. Aranda Gibbs says:

    I was bullied when I was kid, even by a teacher. It’s a terrible feeling.

  4. This is awesome- wish I would have read this before the 30th!! Love the pink!
    Jennifer Hutchinson recently posted..Book Review: Poetry & PeoniesMy Profile

  5. Fear of bullying is one of the primary reasons why I homeschool my daughter. I was also bullied when I was younger but luckily our school’s principal was strong and resolved the situation.

    Bullying is so much worse these days. Because of cyber-bullying and/or texting, it doesn’t stop when the victim is off school grounds.

  6. desiree says:

    i can say we have had over 6 to 10 death since jan in mo because of this it is stupid the kid need to learn a lesson

  7. I’m glad there is more awareness towards bullying.
    Billie recently posted..Shoes for the Fashion Conscious ManMy Profile

  8. I was bullied as a child. It’s a terrible feeling.

  9. Keisa Rogers says:

    What a great thing to talk about.. I think we should all stand up for these kids who are bullied.And we all need to talk to our own children about it.

  10. Gretchen Gerth says:

    The light that has been shined on bullying has helped, but it is still going on way too much. I am so disappointed in my state (Michigan) where an anti-bullying law that was passed was actually a primer on how to bully and get away with it!

  11. Kristin W says:

    I was bullied and I know how tough it can be. It was nice seeing you post about it!
    Kristin W recently posted..ThoughtsMy Profile

  12. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I got bullied in high school a few times and it does leave a lasting impression on you all through your life. It doesn’t need to happen and to me bullying needs to stop in the home first.

  13. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh what a great post. I think we should all stand up for these kids who are bullied. I have a nephew that had lots of problems and had to change schools. So very sad!!!!!!!! Just breaks my heart when a child is bullied. And..the sad part is that adults can be just as cruel at times!

  14. thanks for sharing this – it isn’t for everyone, but this is one of a many reasons why we decided to homeschool. my child is 2 and I hope he never has to endure that.
    Renee @ Made By Renee recently posted..Bzz Agent Campaign: Children’s ClaritinMy Profile

  15. I, too, have a son with high-functioning autism. Thank you for sharing this post!

  16. Oh wow this is a great post! I agree with a PP- if I ever saw a child being bullied, I’m pretty sure I’d lose it.
    Andrea G. recently posted..WOOLY ROUNDS Dryer Ball Review+GiveawayMy Profile

  17. Stacey A Smith says:

    this is a very in portent thing to talk to Kids about.I never under stud why kids did this.

  18. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I discovered one of the best ways to overcome bullying was self-defense classes. It raised my self-esteem and when I truly needed to stand up for myself I had the gifts to do it.

  19. Brittany W. says:

    :( I’m so sorry that your son was bullied. I, myself was bullied all the time when I was younger. It can be extremely damaging, and the kids who are doing the bullying (usually) don’t realize how much of an effect it has on the bullied. I knew a sweet girl once who was a victim of bullying. I don’t know if you heard of the now famous case of “Pheobe Prince”, but she was a younger girl whose family had recently moved to the States. She moved to the town right next to mine, and she was bullied and it ended in her committing suicide. :(

    Thank you so much for writing this, and bringing awareness to people.

  20. Azslyn Cole says:

    you know i love that you shared your story as when i was growing up i dealt with a lot of bully’s and i was helpless and i didn’t tell my mom for a long time because i thought if she got involved i would be bullied more then before and i should have told her because as an adult i still struggle with appearance and self esteem and i wish there were more people like you out there trying to make a difference because something has to be done =}

  21. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    I teach my sons that bullying IS NOT OKAY!

  22. This is such a serious topic and sadly, one you often hear only until it has horrific outcomes. GREAT post to help shed light on such a tough thing for kids!
    Grandma Juice recently posted..JulseyMarie Bakery Shop Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  23. Excellent ideas! So sad that so many kids have to go through this. One of the ways I am truly blessed to be able to homeschool my kids. They can still run into it other places for sure, but I have eliminated the greatest cause of it. I know not everyone can homeschool and it is great that people are banning together to stop bullying.
    Melanie recently posted..Green Living Everyday ReviewMy Profile

  24. I think they should do more to stop bullying. I was picked on growing up and it really affected me in the teenage years. I’ve have been able to get past that now, and am actually now a very outgoing person, who is not afraid to speak my mind. But, I know not everyone can. I am thankful that I have a good job and a wonderful family. Bullying is terrible and It can ruin lives. The hard part is that kids don’t understand that. It’s hard to teach children that picking on their peers is wrong. They just don’t have the ability to see it as adults do. The challenge I think is finding a way to help kids understand that.

  25. Donna George says:

    I was significantly bullied while in school. I remember ridicule, scorn, constantly being teased about stuff that I could not change. I had groups of kids harassing me. I promised myself that my kids will never go through that. So far, I have been successful. 5 kids down, one to go.

  26. Deb Kovac says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have the same story in my house. It is so hard to watch someone treat you child like that. If our kids don’t have enough that they have to work extra hard at. Thanks for sharing your story. This morning I really felt like I was not alone.

  27. tamra childers says:

    bully does seem to be out of control we need to take a stand and do what we can as parents to protect and support our kids. Thanks for making me aware of this date.

  28. Mary Baker says:

    I was bullied terribly all through my school years. At the time skirts were very short but my mother made me wear mine below the knees and I had to wear Saddle Oxfords. I was beat in school, my hair pulled, gum thrown in my hair, and treated bad all through my school years. If I ever walked up on a group of children bullying another, I am not sure I would not loose my cool.

  29. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I’m sickened by bullying, I dealt with it too growing up and it really does hurt your self-esteem. I wish it was not so easy for kids to do and get away with. My kids have dealt with a little of it. They tell me it doesn’t happen that often at school, I just hope that’s true. I’m sorry your son has dealt with this and hopefully he will overcome his pain with it.

  30. I am studying to become a teacher, and it just seems like bullying is out of control these days. I know eventually I will have to deal with this in my classroom.

  31. Judy Cox says:

    This is such a terrible problem in the schools these days. The schools have got to find a way to get a handle on this problem.

  32. says:

    What an awesome post…this is such an important issue. Thanks for offering it!

  33. stacey dempsey says:

    oh I didnt know this was today, no wonder my daughter went out in bright pink today

  34. Marti Parks says:

    Should have worn pink.

  35. I wore pink today, but had no idea that today was International Stand Up to Bullying Day. I’m sorry your sons had to go through this; it’s so sad. I hope and pray that my daughter never has to go through this.
    Sarah Jane recently posted..Low Milk Supply {#BFBlogHop}My Profile

  36. Thanks Janet for spreading the word about this epidemic!!
    olfa recently posted..International Stand Up to #Bullying Day: Join the movementMy Profile

  37. I wish I’d read this before I got dressed! Even though I’m wearing green, I’m still representing for pink!


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