How Do You Save Money?

When I first started couponing I started following a lot of couponing blogs. I learned quickly that one of the keys to saving money – as a lifestyle – was to find coupons online and print what you need. I also learned that coupons go quickly so if you think you "might" want a coupon, then you should print them quickly.

Because I tend to go a little overboard when I find something new and exciting to do, I started printing every coupon available that I might even remotely want. I started running out of ink all. the. time!!

I visited a friend who owned a laser printer and she told me about how the ink in a laser printer lasted so much longer so when I came back from that trip, I immediately bought this:

It was amazing to print so many coupons and not run out of ink after the first few pages, but even though I could print more I still ran out of ink after a couple of weeks. Then, I realized that although I could print lots, the ink to refill was something I would need to buy online and look for a deal to buy it, or I would defeat the purpose of buying the printer.

I started looking online for a way to save money on ink and came across the Quill Coupon Codes. I was able to save money and found a great site in the meantime. I'm not a big shopper because I have no shopping stamina, but I always want to get into the shopping excitement during the holidays.

You know, Labor Day Sales, President's Day Sales…everywhere you can find great deals online. When you're shopping online, you can also look through CouponCodes4u for even more savings!!

How do you like to save money? Do you shop online during those big Sales Holidays?!!

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