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Featured Newbie Blogger @workingmomof2

It is the time of the week when we post our interview with our “featured newbie blogger.”

Let's go learn more about the person behind the Diary of A Working Mom!

Featured Newbie:


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.

I'm Jennifer, attorney and South Florida mom of two adorable little girls, Greenleigh (2 years old) and Hazeline (11 months old).

Do you have more than one blog? If so, tell me about them!

My one and only blog is Diary of a Working Mom, but it covers so many areas – scrapbooking our life/activites, mommy moments, crafts, recipes, and the occasional review/giveaway for good measure.

How long have you been blogging?

A little over 6 months.

Why did you start blogging? Is this also why you continue blogging?

There are several blogs that I have been following for years. I can't tell you how many times I thought, "That looks like fun. I should start blogging." But I didn't. Time just slipped by and I made excuses for why I couldn't start my own blog. Then one day, I just decided I had to make the time. Blogging is such a great way to help other moms and get help from other moms. I may not have a huge blog audience, but when I get an email from someone saying how much they enjoy my blog, it really makes my day and lets me know that no matter how small my blog is, it makes a difference to someone and that keeps me blogging.

Who does your blog appeal to? Is this who you thought would be your target audience?

Hmmm…not sure if I have a real target audience. I know that the people who normally read my blog are women who have kids, but I invite anyone to read. Some people who read DWM have their own blogs, and many don't. It's kind of a hodgepodge. Please stop by and visit!

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

I'm really happy with the course that my blog is currently on. I have a small and interactive group that read DWM on a daily basis. Can't ask for better than that.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

Is it enough? Is what I'm publishing, meaningful material? Would I want to read it if I were on the "other side" of the screen? Does my writing have purpose? Sure, I could post pictures of my cat every day (and she is beautiful, trust me), but I want to have some purpose – get people thinking, help a mom in need of advice, get advice on issues that I'm dealing with at home, or inspire people to get involved.

What do you love about blogging?

I love that it's a way to meet new people and share my family's experiences. Friends and family read my blog, but I also have regular readers that have become friends. I love when they pop by and comment. My blog has also reconnected me with old friend who I had fallen out of touch with, and I love that.

What do you NOT love about blogging?

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in time deadlines that I feel I don't publish my best possible post. I feel like I want to work on it a few more minutes, hours, days, whatever, but I need to make sure it gets posted that day, so I don't. I don't publish anything that I'm unhappy with, I just want to work on it some more. Reality is, I could probably work on it for days and not be 100% satisfied.

What types of product reviews and giveaways do you feature?

Anyone really, but I love doing reviews and giveaways from Etsy shops. The individual artists put so much time and effort into their work, it should be spotlighted.

What was your favorite product to review?

Tough one. Not sure. Maybe my latest review/giveaway from etsy shop SylSyl, custom clutch and wristlets. Couldn't ask for a nicer etsy seller and her stuff is beautiful. I actually bought my clutch and loved it so much that I asked her if she would do a giveaway. She responded in 5 minutes saying that she would love to. So nice, so easy to work with. Love her and her stuff!

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into this or up the value of their giveaways?

Just keep at it – stay in contact with companies, ask for items, and if you see someone requesting their item be reviewed or given away, go for it. I used to have to track down giveaways, but that I've done a few, people ask me to do them. It also doesn't hurt to join sites like Business2Blogger, Tomoson, and Mom Spark Media.

Besides your blog, how else can people find you? Which method is your favorite/least favorite?

Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Email

Email and Facebook are by far my favorites, but Twitter is good too. I'm not loving Google Plus yet, but I'll get there eventually.

Share your top 3 favorite posts from your blog.

Tough one. Maybe these:

Oh, Facebook. Why Do You Do This to Me?

The Toddler Tax

Oh, the lies we tell..

Child Care at 35,000 Feet

Okay, that was 4, but they are my favorites.

Share your top 3 favorite blogs to read and why.

I've been reading Baby Rabies for years and just love her humor. Great blog. I also follow my good friend Lauren's blog pretty intently. Her blog is the perfect balance of decorating on a budget, DIY, and hilarious sayings from her 3 year old. Lately, I've also enjoyed Keeping Up with the Cantelmos. Her faith is inspiring.

Do you have any bloggers that you consider to be mentors?

Not really.

How do you find time to blog?

You just have to make time – clear your schedule and sit down for an hour at the end of the night or while all is still quiet in your house.

What else would you like us to know?

If you are looking to guest blog, please contact me!

What is your best advice for a Newbie Blogger?

Stick with it. Blogging can be overwhelming and it's easy to get burnt out, but it can also be so very rewarding when you get that first piece of fan mail from someone who has been following you for a while.

I like that Jennifer's blog is so personal and she's not afraid of over sharing. More personal posts and a few giveaways and reviews here and there.

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