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Let's go learn more about Erica from Green Baby Goods!!

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Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.

My name is Erica, I work full-time, I am very happily married, and have 2 boys. One is 9, the other 15 months. They are 8 years and 2 days apart. I have a white lab (yes, that is what I was told he is) named Bailey (named after a character on our favorite TV show). I also have a persian kitty named Ajax, who has more personality than most adults I know J. I speak what’s on my mind and have a potty mouth. I do not eat red meat or pork, and hate to cook, but my husband is such a wonderful cook that he makes up where I lack.

Do you have more than one blog? If so, tell me about them!

No, HOWEVER I am considering keeping this one more about life and creating one on wordpress about product review, seems ultimately that’s what I will be doing most of.

How long have you been blogging?

I haven’t even hit my 90 day mark. I actually only even started a blog to put some buttons on it for giveaways.  (Janet thinks this is hilarious!!) 

Why did you start blogging? Is this also why you continue blogging?

Oh whoops…see previous answer! J But really, what I plan on doing with this blog is product review. And I don’t mean getting new companies out there so much, but I am working toward starting a new business (brick and mortar) here in my city and want to say that I have tried everything that has come into my store. I want to give an opinion on what I carry and say that I know my products.

Who does your blog appeal to? Is this who you thought would be your target audience?

WAHM’s right now! I am in the process of gathering as many WAHM’s as possible and doing giveaways of their products and promoting them. I love the thought of one day being able to be a WAHM, so I will do whatever I can to help them, which also helps me J And honestly, I had no idea going into this what a “target audience” even meant!

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

Trying to get as much info out there as possible, by as many different angles as I can. I look up to companies like Dirty Diaper Laundry, that’s how I want my blog to be sometime in the future.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

No time! I work all day and then spend time with my babies, before putting them to bed, going to bed, then starting the whole day over. I just need another hour or two in my day!

What do you love about blogging?

Getting more information out and learning so much in the process! The WAHM event I am doing is getting so many mamas so excited about getting more fans and likes! I am loving being able to help out more mamas!

What do you NOT love about blogging?

Time consumption. Honestly that’s the ONLY part I don’t like.

What types of product reviews and giveaways do you feature?

Cloth diapers mainly. Although I am lining up several others. Bath products, a car seat, a book, an apple app. Right now things are pretty open.

What was your favorite product to review?

Cloth diapers. I am OBSESSED with fluff!

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into this or up the value of their giveaways?

Get more sponsors in one giveaway! I have now been a part of many giveaways and the bigger the prize, the more entries, but that is costly. So team up with other bloggers, have them post the giveaway on their page. This helps everyone involved!

Besides your blog, how else can people find you?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and so many more. I have set up an account on just about every social networking site I come across!

Share your top 3 favorite posts from your blog.



Share your top 3 favorite blogs to read and why.

Dirty Diaper Laundry – I love her blog. I am a fluff addict, so I like watching the videos. Her son is also the same age and size as mine, so I can see what the diapers would look like on him. A huge bonus!

I also read the Gnome’s Mom. She is TTC, which I hope to be able to do at some point, so I like to read her blog.

Other than that I read LOTS of them. I get many delivered right to my email so that I can read them while I am waiting on dr appointments or for DS to get off the bus.

Do you have any bloggers that you consider to be mentors?

Kim @dirty diaper laundry J

Do you have a weekly, daily, or monthly Blog Hop or Meme that people should join in?  Tell me about it and share an info link.

I am going to be honest and tell you that I sign up for EVERYTHING at this point! I follow all mamas that I get directed to their site, I have joined several “HOPS” but I can’t even keep track of them. I am also doing several Alexa hops.

How do you find time to blog?

After kids are asleep. Hubby is remodeling the basement, so he has time to kill while I blog!

What else would you like us to know?

Gosh, hey I follow all that follow me if you just leave your link somewhere on my blog! Help me, and I help you!!

What is your best advice for a Newbie Blogger?

I have joined so many Facebook sites just for bloggers, they have helped me TREMENDOUSLY. There are links daily “help me/help you” I would suggest finding these (and I can help if needed). They have increased my traffic and helped me get to where I am (400 likes in a matter of weeks).

I love that Erica is a budding blogger and we have the opportunity to meet her first and share her info!!

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