Celebrate Your Smackers on Lips Appreciation Day #LipsAppreciationDay


Today is

Lips Appreciation Day

and I’ve pulled together a round up of some of my favorite Lips around the net!!

First, Lip-worthy post from my friends!!

Check out some Lip Deals! ♦ Lip Appreciation Day DEALS ♦ Hot Lipstick Colors for Spring 2012 ♦ Neon Neutrals for Women Over 45 ♦ Pink Brocade Luxury for Women Over 45 ♦ Bonfire and Buttery Nude ♦ Nude New York ♦ CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick ♦ Pretty on Pinterest: Red Hot Lips ♦ BH Cosmetics Lip Liners ♦ Dr. Hess Udder Ointment | Udder Sticks <– there’s a giveaway in that one until 3/19!! ♦ Lips Appreciation Day {Earth Mama Angel Baby Lip Balm} <– giveaway there too ♦ Unconditional Love ♦ What If ♦ Interesting Lips Facts ♦

Next, check out my Lips Appreciation Day Pinterest Board!!

Finally, Lip-smackin’ fave products I found online!!

Health and Beauty Products

For the Rock Star

Games, Games, Games

For the Kids

Fun Stuff


For the Home

Outrageously Pink

Books (free)

Music (free)



For the Pets

Find out more about Lips Appreciation Day, and learn what’s happening tomorrow!!


  1. Mickey Coutts says:

    What a fun post! I’ve never paid so much attention to lips, lol. 🙂

    • janet says:

      Haha..there’s a lot out there..if you look! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed looking at all your pins on this! Very interesting stuff!

  3. My daughters and I have almost every Lip Smackers lip balm we can get our hands on! I *think* we may have an addiction to the Dr. Pepper flavor!! Great post:)

    • janet says:

      Yum, Dr. Pepper!! I love it when my son puts on chap stick and tells me it tastes like apple juice…apparently everything tastes like apple juice to him though. 🙂

  4. Oh my, what a cute post! I love this! Although now I want to go shopping for a lot of the things you posted. Especially those cupcake lip balms, I know they are under the kids section but they’re so cute I want them for myself!

    • janet says:

      Weren’t those cute?!! There was a lot to see once I started looking…feel free to click on that pic and buy some…ya know!! 😉

  5. Haha, what a fun post! I’ve never heard of lip appreciation day. I love all the great stuff you found for it.

    • janet says:

      Thanks!! It was really fun to find all this and there was so much more!!

  6. What a great roundup. Thanks for including me 😀

  7. there are a lot of lips here – LOL (lip nightmares?)

  8. Danielle says:

    Love it! What a great roundup 🙂

  9. Thank-you Janet for including me. Wonderfully inventive post!!

    • janet says:

      Thanks so much, Shelley!! It was my pleasure to include you!!

  10. diane grubbs says:

    love the pic!

  11. Kristin W says:

    I love the dog one! hehe

    • janet says:

      That’s a real dog treat!! I’ve seen one that looks like they are sticking out their tongues, but this was the first time I’ve seen the lips!!

  12. Wow! They have a lot of different products!

  13. Stacey says:

    That lipstick necklace is so cute! Thanks for sharing all of the ‘lip-smacking’ photos 🙂

  14. love the pic – that is adorable!

  15. Sarah BB @ East9thStreet says:

    I never knew there was such a thing! My lips need some loving – they are so chapped!

  16. Tash says:

    How cool!!! Lips Appreciation day! I had the most amazing pair of toy lips as a kid…they were called ‘Whiz Lips’ and you put them in your mouth so that the big plastic lips looked like your own, then you blew into them and they made this funny whizzing sound, they were loads of fun, especially when my sister and brother ran around the house with our lips in and making noise!

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