Biannual Blogathon Bash Ends – How did we do?!! @Blogathon2

Biannual Blogathon Bash Winter 2012Today was the last day of the Biannual Blogathon Bash! It ran 8am EST March 9 to 8am EST March 12 – 72 hours to get as much blogging done as you can. I told you about my Blogathon Goals on Friday…are you ready for an update?!! By the way, it's 2:30am (my time) or 3:30am EST and the Blogathon ends in a few hours, so I'm wrapping it up to get some rest before my workday starts tomorrow!!

My Blogging Goal: Get caught up!! (Didn't happen 🙁 )

Kathleen from Callista's Ramblings had a good point when she read my Kick-off post and said it appeared that I would have small nuggets of time throughout the weekend. Of course, she was smart and got a babysitter…go figure…she knew what she was doing!! 

As I figured, Friday night was Family Time which actually started earlier than I thought. The Boy had a tee-tee accident at daycare and I had forgotten to bring clean clothes from the last accident so we picked him up early from daycare. It was cold and rainy so we grabbed some dinner and settled in for some movies at home. Friday night is usually my late night and I'm known for staying up until 3am, but with the rain and cold and sweet boy, I was out fairly early. That was a bad sign for the rest of the weekend.

One exciting thing – Hubby and I got smart phones on Friday!! I immediately downloaded apps for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and WordPress!! This is going to really help in my blogging "on the go"!!

I probably made the most progress on Saturday morning when I scheduled out posts for Social Splash Facebook and Twitter Hop (Monday), Winning Wednesday Low-Entry Giveaway Linky, and Winner Winner Weekend Giveaway Linky (Friday) for TWO MONTHS!! I don't have to worry about those again until the beginning of May.

Saturday night was supposed to be my big blogging time, but Hubby came home from work and was exhausted. The Boy was stir crazy from not getting out of the house due to the rain. I was able to play on Facebook network a little with my Bloggy Friends as I balanced the laptop on my right knee. You see…The Boy was sitting on my left leg and had a coloring book and two boxes of crayons out and Hubby was passed out snoring on my left shoulder. Yeah, that was really happening… :/

I finally gave in and went to bed because I wasn't accomplishing anything. Hubby woke me at 10am to get ready for church at 11. (Remember, we lost an hour that night, but still I must have been tired!!) Church was really quite spectacular today!! The message was amazing – Rejoice in His word AT ALL TIMES!!

After church, this is what happened:

Mommy and The Boy Sleeping

(please ignore the missing sheets, they were in the wash ;))

After nap, off we go to my dad's house for Sunday dinner. But…when we got there, Granny said The Boy could stay with her ALL WEEK!! She is on vacation and she is going to keep him as long as he will stay or until she gets too tired!! SCORE!!

During the Blogathon, we had Mini-Challenges and honestly that's the only other thing I was able to complete tonight when I came home. I'm optimistic about this week with The Boy being with Granny so I'll give you my To-Do List again and lets see what happens…

Total blogging time – 6-7 hours 🙁

My To-Do List

  • Schedule out my weekly posts for at least 2 months (i.e. Social Splash Facebook and Twitter Hop for Mondays, Winning Wednesday Low-Entry Giveaways, Winner Winner Weekend Giveaway Linky for Fridays)
  • Write and either post or schedule all overdue or due now Reviews (13 of them!!) and Review/Giveaways (20 of them!!)
  • Make a Blogging Schedule with New Series (what the plural for Series, serieses? :)) that have been swimming in my head.
  • Update my Sponsors Page and Blog Roll
  • Write 3-5 guest posts that I owe my friends. 🙂
  • Decide on a definite plan for my Blog Redesign and email Mariah from Formula Mom!! (this one is my favorite so I will HAVE to save it for last…kinda like dessert, ya know…)

Do you think I can do it this week with no child at home?!!


  1. Clarinda Olenslager says:

    Good job on getting something done this week. Lucky you for having the whole week to work by yourself. I’m so jealous! 🙂

    • janet says:

      It’s a nice prospect, but now I wonder do I want to blog the whole time or rest and spend time with Hubby???

  2. Wow you deserve a week without your son so you can get to your to do list. I think you will get a lot accomplished (but take the fist day to just veg!) It’s easier for Grandmas to take one kid. Getting my mom to take all three of my kids in her little house just won’t work!

    • janet says:

      Since I was up until 4am and then had to get back up at 6am to take Hubby to work…I think tonight is going to be an early night, definitely!


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