Saturday Fun with Mommy and The Boy

Mommy and The BoyIt was Saturday morning at the K household. Mommy had been up late working blogging playing on Facebook and was very tired. Daddy had to be at work at 7am so the family had to get up and drive him to work. B didn't want to get up so he kept cuddling in the bed and covering his face so Mommy was really hoping that B would just want to come back home and go to bed. During the 2 mile drive to take Daddy to work, something happened to B and he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He was being silly and playing with his penguin and Mommy could just tell…it was going to be one of those days.

Mommy: "B, let's go home and cuddle in the bed. Do you want a donut or a biscuit before we go home?" (Puuuu…lease!!!)

B: "Mommy…I just want go home and cuddle in bed and we watch Phineas Ferb."

Mommy: "Okay!" (Yay!!)

Ah, Phineas and Ferb to the rescue and Mommy gets to relax a little longer and slowly sneak a peek onto Facebook, email, blog, Facebook…oops, too long, B noticed…

B: "Mommy…you want come play in my room, I hungry, I stirsty."

Mommy: "You stay here and start watching Jake and Pirates, Peter Pan, and I'll get some juice and breakfast." (that's an hour long and then I'll think of something fun for us to do)

Alien Boy


B: "Mommy…you want come play in my room?"

Mommy: (Oh crap, I was online again for an hour and still didn't really accomplish anything AND I haven't thought of anything for us to do yet) "Sure, let's go play, what are we going to do?"

B: "You want sit on my book box and play train and I play train and motorcycle and, and…"

This is fun! We're playing trains and the Superheroes are saving the circus animals from falling off the train cars and the motorcycle crashes into the train and…"beep"

Mommy: "Daddy's on break and texting me. I'll be right back"

Daddy: "How's it going, babe?"

Mommy: "We need something fun to do to get out of the house."

Daddy: "What about Kids Depot? Come by and get some money and I'll get a ride home for lunch."

Mommy: "Okay!!" "B, let's get showered and dressed and let's go to Kid's Depot!!"

B: "Wahoo!!" (yes, he really says "wahoo" :))

An hour and a half later, we've picked up a few bucks, grabbed a snack, and driven the 45 minutes to Kid's Depot.We missed it 3 times because this is Mommy's first time here and B has asked about 500 times if we are at Kid's Depot yet.Kids Depot 2000

Mommy: "We're here!!"

Hmm…this place is a little bit more run down and smaller than I thought. I hope there are other children here that B can have fun playing with because I may not be able to get in all of those tunnels. Where is the front desk person and why isn't there anyone watching the front? What if someone's child wanders out the door or someone decides to leave with someone else's child? Why aren't they as safe as Chuck E Cheese where they stamp your hand like your child's and verify before you leave the door? I should have thought to bring one of those Tig Tagz that came in the mail yesterday for review. That would have been perfect!

I wonder if I should have just left the book in the car. I thought he would want to get on the toys and play and I would watch from a seat and read a little, but now I don't know because what if he wanders out the door!

B: "Mommy, why I take my shoes off? Let's go play."

We check out the video games which are mostly broken, thankfully, because that costs additional money and I didn't really get THAT much from Daddy.

B: "Mommy, look"

Mommy: "You're such a big boy." (How adorable, he is jumping on the padded floor and playing with a large ball. He is running back and forth and looks like this is going to be great! I'm going to sit on this bench and open the book and see what happens. Page 1…)

B: "Mommy, come in here and play."

Book down, shoes off, in the padded walkway…

B: "Let's go over here."

Pick up shoes, pick up book and backpack, across the room to the smaller kids' area. This is nice. It's an area for 36" or smaller, has a ball pit, a small slide, and a rocket playhouse. Open book…Page 1…

B: "Mommy, come play balls."

Book packed in backpack, sweatshirt off, shoes off, in the ball pit. This is fun!!

We try to see who can make a circle with their legs and stack the balls the highest before they all go rolling away. Another little girl comes and she wants all the pink and purple balls. Another two children and Mommy has to get out because now there are too many children for Mommy to still be in.

Oh, look, B has made a little friend. She is putting all the balls in the rocket playhouse and says they are filling it up with gas. Suddenly, she's rolling the balls down the rocket's slide and B is trying to catch them all. He is giggling his head off and this is hilarious.

Uh oh, the girl has to leave the area to go to the birthday party she is attending here.

B: "Let's go over here."

Okay, he wants to go back to the big area where there are lots of tunnels and slides and oh…there are a TON more older children here now and they are wild. They are running everywhere…what am I going to do?

B: "Mommy, come up with me. Come help me."

Okay, I can do this. I'm going to help him up this ramp and maybe over the bridge, but there is no way I can get in that tunnel. Now, we're up here and he's thrilled!

Mommy: "B, just go thru these tunnels and you can see me through the windows and then when you come out, I'll be down on the floor."

B: "Okay, Mommy"

Now, I made it down and that was really not as easy as if I had just gone thru a tunnel and down a slide, but oh well, I'm down here now. Where is my boy? I know he went thru that yellow tunnel and then there is a curve into the pink, but I wonder if he went to the green or blue after that. I'll just stand right here and watch this corner.

Hmm…it's been a while and he hasn't passed this corner. He should have been past here by now. I'll go check on the other side and see if I just missed him. Nope. Okay, let me check the other side. Nope. I wonder why these tunnels don't have more windows or some type of see-thru to them? I'll head back to the corner where I know I left him and wait. He'll come down a slide soon.

Wait, he's a little bit afraid of slides, especially tunnel slides. Hmm…

Oh, and he's a little afraid of older children who run around rowdy and loud, too. Hmm…

I wonder if he's stuck in a tunnel, scared, and doesn't know what to do. Maybe he would yell for me or I could hear him crying. WHY IS IT FREAKING SO LOUD IN HERE?! Oh yeah, there are 3 birthday parties going on and at least 50 children running thru these tunnels.

Oh, crap! I forgot about the unattended front door! I need to stand in a place where I can see the tunnels AND the front door. How long has it been, like 2 hours now?!! (Probably more like 10 minutes)

Back to the corner where I "left" him and I can see the front door a little. Is that him back in the small children area? Nope.

Oh, oh, oh!!! I just saw him thru a window!! He half smiled at me and kept crawling. Ugh!!

Oh, there he is again!!

B: "Mommy, I go on slide now."

Mommy: "Good, big boy, I'll go to the end of the slide and catch you!"

Oh good, I can see him making his way up to the slide and as I look up into the tunnel I can see him and he can see me and that will make him feel better about coming down to me. I'm also glad I put him in those slippery sweat pants so he can't make himself stop in the middle. I won't have to coax him down.

B: "WEEEEEE!!!! Mommy, I went thru tunnels and found the slide!"

Mommy: "I know, big boy, you did great!"

B: "Mommy, I hungry."

We stopped to eat a slice of pizza and share a soda. Ten dollars for two slices and a medium!!

B: "Mommy, I go back in there?"

Mommy: "Okay, are you going to slide again?"

B: "Yes, come watch."

Here we go again. It's going to be okay though because I've made it thru this once and he seemed to be unphased and we survived. Only this time he went in a different tunnel to a different slide and disappeared very quickly. When I go around to the other side to watch I see him coming back down as if he's scared, but then he heads back up to try again. I can see him pass thru a rocket corner a couple of times and then I stop seeing him.

Oh, dear, here we go again…5…10…15 minutes. Why are there so many loud children in this place? Why are these parents all chatting it up and yelling across the room to other parents and laughing while our children are lost in tunnels and they can't find their way out?

20…25…30 minutes. Seriously?!!

Kids Depot 2000

The older lady who has been sitting on that bench watching me pace the floor and go from corner to corner and back and forth just smiles. I can't help myself and say, "he hasn't come out and I haven't seen him". She smiles and says it will all be okay and he will come out eventually.

What does she know, anyway? My boy JUST turned 4. He's quiet and not usually rowdy. He doesn't like high places or tunnel slides. He doesn't have good balance so he gets scared. He JUST learned to jump in the air with both feet off the ground. I think he's scared and stuck and crying and nobody can hear him over these REALLY LOUD CHILDREN ALL OVER THIS PLACE!!

Oh no…he was also acting like he needed to poop this morning, but wouldn't go. We haven't mastered that yet so what if he is hiding in a tunnel to get the poop out? Ugh!!

Okay, I swear it's been an hour now (probably at least 30 minutes) and I can't do this any more. I'm going to sit right here on this bench and he will…

B: "Mommy!!!"


My Baby Boy

Mommy: "B, you big boy, where did you go?" (He came from a different side of the room from where he started.)

B: "Mommy, I went up and around and looked for that slide, but I not find slide and then I find bridge and I go there and there and then I come find you! I go up again…?"

Mommy: "Oh no you don't, we're going home!!" (As I bear hug him and hug him again and kiss him and try to put him down, but give him one more hug before I put him down to gather our stuff)

Have I become that neurotic Mommy who can't let her child go for just a few minutes without freaking out? Should I have just started reading my book and kept my eye out for him? Am I going to be a "helicopter mom"? What is a helicopter mom? Am I going crazy here or do you all know what I'm going thru?

Have you had an experience like this? Tell me about it!!


  1. My son is 4 and is my only child. People are always telling me I’m overprotective of him, but HELLO! HE’S MY ONE AND ONLY CHILD! It’s not like you can replace your kid if something happens to the first one! I have horrible panic attacks at those kid play places, even Chuck E Cheese. My son is one of those kids who doesn’t really know “stranger danger” so I’m always afraid that he will just go with someone who asks him to go with them. He’s just such a personable little guy! I loved this blog post! It sounded exactly like my thought processes when we’re at the park or those indoor play places!


    • janet says:

      I knew that SOMEONE would get it!!!

  2. LOL My husband calls me a helicopter mom…poppycock, I say! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I too am always keeping an eye out on my lil ones when in public places, can`t believe how many parents don`t .

  4. Dianna Thomas says:

    This is so much fun– I wish we had something like this here,I guess we do sort of at Mcdonald’,naw– just a play area

  5. Great post, takes me back to when my boys were young, every Friday morning our play centre had a parent and toddler session, so much fun !!

  6. Megan says:

    It was probably your lack of sleep – I’m sure you will be calmer next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kathy Stuit says:

    Great blog. Takes me back to when my 17 yr old son was little. He was my first (I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl) and those special times of just him and I, I will forever cherish!

  8. Caren Sue Evans says:

    I have two boys with autism and I totally understand due to their wandering….

  9. I’m the exact way! I have to SEE my kids every second when we are at the park or out in public. I just don’t trust strangers, and my kids are too precious. ANd my boys are 8,7, and my daughter is 2, and I”m still just as protective. I give them some freedom when they are with other friends that i know and trust,but when it’s all strangers…not on your life.

  10. Sharon says:

    What a crazy thing – this thing called being a Mom! Fun story. I’ve had mornings like this too! And I’ve been the pregnant mom crawling through the tunnels rescuing the crying boy. Crazy crazy!

  11. Eleni Poulakou says:

    Try to stay with the golden median ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t lose sight of your little one, take all necessary precautions… and then take a deep breath and tell yourself that he’ll be alright.

  12. My daughter is four too. I am constantly making sure she is safe at the playgrounds and kids places. I see other moms on their cell phones (probably on Facebook or texting) not paying attention, or visiting each other. I am the mom who has to tell other kids to be careful or to behave. LOL!

  13. Oh, I’m one of those moms that has a nervous breakdown if I can’t see my kids in the play thing or if they don’t come out for a while. My youngest is 4 but very tiny and I worry she will get trampled by the bigger more energetic kids. Thank goodness her big sister is a little momma and checks in on her.

  14. Maura says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only mommy who’s easily distracted when my laptop is in front of me!

  15. Stacie says:

    LOL This sounds just like me! Glad he was ok, but don’t you hate it when they start getting independent? Scariest thing ever.

  16. See You In the Garden says:

    I’ve had those moments too. Always thought I wouldn’t, then it happened. Usually it has been okay, but all it took was that once(in a completely different setting as a completely different stage in this particular child’s life) and now I have a hard time relaxing. Really? Once out of how many years? Yeah, I really should learn to relax more.

  17. I too will freak out if I can’t spot any of my 3 kids. I don’t think that you were overreacting in that case.

  18. Yannie says:

    Hehe.. I can see my sister in you

  19. Carrie says:

    There is no scarier feeling than not knowing where your child is. Once on vacation, we couldn’t find our son for a few moments at the pool. That was one of the most panic-filled moments of my life. He was fine… swimming in the deeper end of the pool (where he wasn’t allowed). Thankfully everything turned out okay. Thanks for sharing your story!

  20. I have definitely had moments like that with my boy…there are so many kids around and it’s loud and you can’t find your kids anywhere, plus the doors aren’t exactly bolted shut. Yes, I remember those times! (Never again!! lol)

  21. Jaime @ Busy Mom on the Go says:

    My baby girl is only 10 months old, but I could not imagine acting any other way if this happened to me. If I could not see my child and if my expectation of how long it should take before she makes it down the slide (or wherever) is not met, YES, I would go into mommy protection mode too!

  22. I can’t speak from personal experience, as I’m not yet a mom. But I can understand how it would be difficult to let your child out of sight at times.

  23. We haven’t had that experience yet…but I have no doubt we will!

  24. It is always awful when you can’t find your child. Very scary! Glad it turned out well though!

  25. marye~ says:

    When my DS would get stuck, and he did on a regular basis, his older sister would go and get him. Gotta love those little ones.

    • janet says:

      I’ll be happy when I have another one and then my boy can be the big brother going in to rescue!!

  26. Oh, well, at least he had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Katie says:

    That sounds just like me. I freak out if I lose sight of my girls.

  28. Our children are your son’s age and younger and they haven’t been without us very often at all. I wouldn’t feel safe just sitting and reading a book, things can go wrong so quickly.

  29. It’s been years since I had little ones. I do remember one time when my daughter and son were “stuck” in a small tunnel, pretty high up. We had to ask an older child to help them out and down…

  30. Mary @ The Mommy Job says:

    Ahhh, you sound like me ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your honesty and no, you are not crazy but you are a loving mommy ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Kids can make you have a hear attack. And they will be laughing. Kids have no fear. We love them so much, that some days it scary. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  32. Shelly says:

    Great post. I do the same thing when I can’t see my little boy. My daughter when she was little was good about staying in my sight not the same for my little boy.

  33. Suzy Myers says:

    Great post! I’m glad that your boy was okay. I know sometimes kids can give us the biggest frights!


  34. Jeanette says:

    I had an experience like that while we were on vacation on a beach, terrifying!

  35. Kerry says:

    As a mother who obsessed over where my first born was almost all the time, I have to say that it does get a little better. I found myself always worried about my oldest. Semi always worried about my middle child. My youngest- he gets to do things far younger than I let the others. Not that I don’t worry, because I do. But I also see that they need their space and most of the time, it works out just fine. ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. Deedra says:

    At least you care. I see so many parents who don’t engage at all.

  37. sarah says:

    I didn’t know Chuck E Cheese did hand stamps – that’s kind of cool

    • janet says:

      It is very cool…the stamps can only be seen with a blacklight so they put it on your hand and then shine a blacklight flashlight before you leave and see if they all match!

  38. I’m kind of a “helicopter” mom. A big part of it is wanting my boys to grow up to be great men!

  39. Those places are very scary! I am lucky to have a pretty cautious first born, he sticks fairly close and checks in often. My second, on the otherhand, is a go-getter. It will be totally different with her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. andrea says:

    not boring at all!

  41. Amanda says:

    In crowded public places like that, my kids have to be in my line of vision (or on /in some play equipment that I can see the exit for). It’s just too easy for someone to walk out with your kid. I don’t think I’m a helicopter mom, though, because if we’re somewhere safe (somewhere I can see the door, or somewhere with a group of friends so I know the kids are with a buddy), I’d rather be sitting and talking or reading. I want them to be independent and confident, but I also want them to be safe. It’s a fine line.

  42. We that sounded super scary but I am sure it has happened to many a mother and will to many more… I’m a bit of a helicopter, she is my first so I cannot help it..

  43. Emily says:

    I always keep my kids close. I just like the comfort of being able to see them!

  44. Easy2Save says:

    I have always kept the kids close within my line of vision. I am just the type that worries something will happen to them. Glenda so sorry for the loss of your daughter that is very sad. One of my friends in high school was hit by a car and killed I still think of her sometimes.

  45. Julie says:

    I think every mother feels that way. I didn’t have that happen too much because mine were attached at my knees. You couldn’t pry them away.

  46. Mrs. Accountability says:

    They didn’t have these ball baths when I was growing up. We had metal slides, and merry go rounds and swings. I hear most of these old playgrounds are no longer around because they are so dangerous. I took my children to ball baths a few times, one in particular was similar to the one you mention, but it had good security measures in place. The children were confined to the ball bath area and had to wear a wrist strap so they could be identified if they got lost. It is even more nerve wracking when you have more than one child. Sounds like all worked out well though.

  47. brett says:

    i hate those petri dish places. creeps me out. i actually bring extra clothes and strip my kids down before they get into their car seats when i cannot avoid bringing them

  48. I am the same way but I think for me it is because my daughter was hit and killed at 16 so I do not want my son out of my site at all period ever.

  49. I don’t have kids, so I don’t ever get to go to places like this.

  50. eschelle says:

    Buddy i hear you on all of this… one reason i wont step foot in those germ filled hell holes!!! my eldest is just like your little guy!!! I would be crying and crawling everywhere!!!

  51. Diana says:

    It is sad we live in a scary world! You aren’t overprotective, you are just aware and alert. It is pretty exiting when you see their happy little face pop out of the tunnel or at the top of the slide!

  52. I understand where you are coming from when you worried about your son. Besides having him disappear, it sounds like you had a fun day! Great picture of him with the alien things on his hands.

  53. Judith says:

    Fun story! I think I would be worried in a place like that too. I know *I* wanted to see my kids at least every 5 minutes at that age. Just to be sure nothing had happened…

  54. So glad he was safe! I know the feeling – I have five and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all them when we’re out.

  55. Clarinda Olenslager says:

    Oh if I couldn’t see them after 10 mins I would have been calling 911. I keep a tight eye on them (my 5 kids) everywhere I go. We have a place like that here and I situate myself between the door and where they play. Always counting heads. Keeping the youngest 2 in the stroller so they can’t wander off. And bringing along my sister to help out. There is just too many bad people out there. I would rather be more overprotective then not care and let them run loose without watching them. But knowing that God is in control has kept me from going grey early and not freaking out at every little thing.

  56. I would have been anxious as well! Good for you for holding it together, and I’m glad he had so much fun!

  57. How scary! So glad you found him. Whew.

  58. Millie says:

    Funny post. I don’t know what a helicoptor mom is…
    And yes, I’ve been there too!

  59. Starlene says:

    Janet, it sounds like you and your little one had quite a day at the Kid’s Depot. I don’t think we have anything like that here, by that name I mean, but we do have ball baths at McDonald’s and the like. My kids (they are now grown men) used to love going to those places. It sounds like the one you went to needs to have a child protective gate at the doorway so that mom can be a little less stressed out if she loses sight of her child for a few moments. I lost my son one time at the mall, he decided to go into the Imaginarium and I was terrified so I can understand your fear. I’m glad he was okay though! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  60. There is nothing wrong with being a helicopter mom, whatever that is. I think God instilled us all with concerns for our children on purpose! I don’t think that will ever change. My daughter is only 16 months right now but boy do I worry when taking her to play areas. Afraid someone might bully her, push her, pass germs onto her, yell at her…I’m crazy like that! But it’s all out of love for our children! You’re a great mom, no worries! We’ll let you know when you start crossing that line but I’m sure B will tell you when you are (kids are brutally honest)!

    Nice to “meet” you through Blogelina’s comment tour, well, and our FB support groups!

  61. Tracy @ says:

    Freaking out just means you love and care for him. It’s OK to be over-protective. Our little ones are growing up, and time is precious.

  62. Jamie says:

    I can completely relate with you. I hate taking my son to big play places like these. At our local zoo there is this giant area and I am constantly doing 180’s looking for him. All the other moms are chill-laxing on the bench, not a care in the world and I run around like a lunatic. Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone.

  63. Adelina Priddis says:

    I have a hard time at places like that! Even with my mom and siblings helping out at a place like that we managed to lose track of a child, because I had to get one to the bathroom, and we didn’t quite make it in time. For me these “play places” are heart attack central for moms of toddlers.

  64. Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM says:


    You brought back very fond memories for me when my son, 13 now, was a little guy.

    I remember going to the play zones with those darn tubes and the first time he wanted to go in them on his own. I let him, there were no “big kids” around that would scare him. About 3 minutes later i hear “mommy!!!” so loud and scared. Of course I run around and cannot see him. I had to enter the tunnels. I found him way up in the furthest part, of course. He got scared. What a relief. Poor little guy. But my knees hurt for a week! LOL.

    I came from Blogelina, started at the bottom, where I am. ๐Ÿ™‚


  65. Jill says:

    It’s hard to let our kids out there on their own – even in an enclosed play environment . I’m getting better as my girls get older (now 6 and 8) at letting them out of my sight when we’re out in a place I know they’re safe, but they’re constantly on my mind! I don’t think a mother ever stops worrying about her kids!

  66. That is so cute! It’s posts like this you’ll want to have as a memory tool in the future!!! Thanks for sharing!

  67. Jenn/Organic Mama says:

    Oh my gosh, that ten minutes definitely would have felt more like 2 hours to me as well!

  68. Lisa says:

    What fun to read that post & the baby picture at the end made me tear up a little! I totally understand how you felt & I’m sorry to tell you it is only going to get worse. Wait till he starts school, learns to drive….leaves for college!

    • janet says:

      I remember when I was about 25 I was visiting a friend in Missouri and I called my dad about something. He asked what I was up to and I told him I was in Missouri and he had no idea. It’s so weird that we can go from knowing exactly where our children are (for 18+ years) to suddenly finding out they are in another state! Scary… ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Deanna Ervin says:

    I completely know what you’re going through! I have a hard time with places like that if I don’t have someone older with me that can go through the tunnels with the kids. We try to avoid those kinds of places. My youngest two (16 months and almost 3) have never been to any places like that. While reading your story I could picture this as if it were me with my kids! Great post!

    • janet says:

      I was thinking it would have been nice to at least have another child with me who was NOT afraid of slides, maybe just a little older, who could reassure me that he was in there having fun and not stuck somewhere scared.

  70. Pamela says:

    You are a great writer. I was hanging on every word and feeling all the emotions. Let me tell you, they would have had a hysterical Black woman in their establishment if I had to wait as long as you did (it seemed longer I am sure) if I thought I had lost my child.

    You need to give B another big hug but also give yourself one because you thought your baby wasn’t ready for the world of play land by himself but he’s a bigger boy than you thought.

    Its hard for us to watch them grow up, but guess what they do! LOL

    Still Dating My Spouse

    • janet says:

      What an awesome compliment, thank you!! I was trying to not get hysterical because I “knew” he was in the tunnels somewhere, but it was REALLY HARD not to cry, freak out, climb in… ๐Ÿ™‚


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