Planning Your Next Party with a Storage Unit

It’s time to plan a surprise party for your loved one. There are many variables to consider here from food to invitations to presents. Amidst all the planning, there may be one thing that can slip your mind and can possibly ruin the party. What is it? The surprise factor. What would a surprise party be without the surprise? A party, I suppose, but that’s no fun. To keep the surprise element a, for lack of a better word, surprise, try using a storage unit to keep your secrets hidden. Many people only think of using a storage unit to store away their junk, but a storage unit can be used for many other things. Here are some tips to throwing a surprise party with a storage unit.

Party favors, banners, and treats oh my!

If you’re throwing a surprise party for a loved one, especially one that lives under your roof, they can be sneaky enough to find all of the party favors at home. What’s more suspicious than finding a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” banner in a closet? Hide these things in a storage unit. Unless they are a private investigator, they won’t be able to sneak their way into finding those party streamers.

Hide the spirits for an adult party!

Is this party for adults, or are you planning on serving wine for the party? Try storing the drinks in your unit. Beer, wine, and spirits can be stored properly. Just make sure you ask the following questions when you look for storage: Is the storage unit dark? Is there ventilation? Take proper care of your drinks, especially if you plan on storing them for a while as opposed to a couple of days. In addition to the drinks, you can also store some of the food in your storage unit as well.

A room full of gifts.

I was watching television one day and saw a scene where a mother hides gifts for her son in a unit. Imagine a room full of gifts, calling to be opened. Ask your guests to give gifts in advanced and store them in the unit. The celebrant may be sad for a while, assuming that no one brought any gifts. Present them with a key and watch their reaction to a room full of gifts. How can you frown when you see that?

Of course, these are just some tips in using a storage unit for a surprise party. When the party ends, you can always use the unit for other projects. Searching for a storage unit near you is easy with SpareFoot.

Do you have any other tips fun tips for a surprise party? Let me know through the comments!

Joseph Ver is an intern at SpareFoot. He is a double major in Digital Media Management and Marketing at Saint Edward’s University. His hobbies include cooking, exploring the city of Austin, and finding good places to eat.


  1. Tammy S says:

    The best prize I ever won was a $50 Starbucks gift card. It is my special treat for myself. Loved it! 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    I’ve never considered using a storage unit for party planning. I usually just store party stuff at a friend or family member’s home. Thanks for sharing!

    • janet says:

      It’s a pretty novel idea if you can justify the cost. I guess as kids get older it could be a useful place to store Christmas presents as well.

    • Joseph says:

      Hi Danielle! Thank you for reading and commenting! It definitely is a strange idea, but if you have a storage unit, why not use it? The obvious use for a storage unit is to merely store *things* inside, but there definitely are some creative uses for them.

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