Newbie Blog Hop – Week 27

Welcome to NEWBIE BLOG HOP Week 27

Hosted by Going Crazy!! Wanna Go?!! and Life’s Cheap Thrills.

Happy Fat Tuesday to you all!!

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Featured Newbie:

The Ladies Lounge


The Ladies Lounge is written by Elizabeth. She started the Ladies Lounge in October 2011 to promote products through product reviews and giveaways. She also features beauty, fitness, and lots of other information for women. She's a busy Iady because she works at an insurance company by day and goes to school at night.

Watch out for our full interview with Elizabeth on Friday at 12:30pm CST.

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  1. nest of posies says:

    this is an awesome idea to help support new blogs! great idea.

  2. Tiffany Cruz says:

    This is a great idea 🙂 I’m not so new so I won’t link up but good luck to everyone who does!

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