Fatty Friday – Bad Bad Week

 Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Second week of giving you a bummer update, but I can’t help but be excited that it’s Friday, anyway!!

I’m making my journey of weight loss public in hopes that the accountability will help me and talking about the struggle of addiction to food will help others!!

It all started this weekend what a package came in the mail and I “had” to try them. I mean they were sent to ME for review… Then, we got back on track for a few days. I had my period and it was so bad this week that I came home one day, took a hydrocodone, and went to bed. I was talking about chocolate all week (teasing Hubby that I wanted some) and he and I broke down on Wednesday and ate the chocolate bars that were given to us for Christmas. We were able to resist since Christmas so that’s a plus. Last night, it was rainy and we were feeling blue over eating the chocolate and the cookies over the weekend so we didn’t go weigh-in. Instead, we ordered pizza and bought ice cream and not the lower calorie kind. 🙁

Can we say #EpicFail?!!

I have no idea whether I gained or lost this week!!

Neither does Hubby.

My weight last week was 291 so we’ll start from there when I go weigh in again next week.

It’s curious to me that since we started back on our eating plan this time, Hubby and I have had less willpower and we have felt more drained. I am feeling run down all the time, with just little bursts of energy just after we eat. We are eating exactly as we did we started the plan in May 2010 and we are smaller than we were back then. It’s just been so difficult lately. I would love some advice or words of wisdom on that!!

The Fatty Friday linky is about weight struggles, weight loss success and support, getting healthier, or whatever you feel would “fit” with these topics. You do not have to post something new on Friday, just link to something weight loss or fitness related that you posted during the week. I know several bloggers are in the NSNation and that would be a great post to link up. Maybe you are just needing some encouragement on a weight loss or fitness issue…link it up!! Maybe you have a weight loss related giveaway (lets keep those limited and specific to weight loss or fitness) but go for it!! Link up!!

The linky will stay open all week and will reset on Friday morning!!

If you know me at all, you know I don’t like rules so if you think it “fits” with the theme, link up, and then go visit a few of the others and see what they have to say as well.

Leave a comment of encouragement…and don’t forget to encourage me!! 

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Disclosure: The Bell Plantation link and image contain affiliate links, which means if you click through and buy something, I might make a little money from it. However, Hubby and I discovered PB2 from the center we go to for weight loss and loved it long before I had a blog or knew they had an affiliate link. It’s just yummy stuff!!



  1. Olfa says:

    Chocolate is my biggest problem. I can eat 2 to 3 bars on the row. Don’t give up. Some weeks can be bad and other great!

  2. jody cowan says:

    Janet, I know what you are going through! Chocolate is my biggest problem! I was eating Hershey bars every day! I decided I would just buy them twice a week. So I have been doing a little better. But that time of the month, forget it, I eat what I want! Just don’t give up! It took me 6 months to lose 50 lbs. Everytime I cheated, the next day I just went back to eating right. You’ll get there!!

  3. Don’t let it get you down. I fluctuate all the time. Some weeks are better than others. Just jump back on the bandwagon:)

  4. Cyndy says:

    Some weeks are better than others my friend and all bets are usually off for me when that time of the month rolls around!

  5. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Oh No! Well some weeks are better then others. This means next week is going to rock for you (well actually this week just starting out).

  6. kat j says:

    What a great idea to get the support of each other. I know I need the support or push to get me up and moving sometime. I am at work right now and can not tweet because I forgot my password and tried to log in and it wont let me anymore! lol When I get home I will tweet. I cheat at home and have the computer save my passwords!

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