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Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!

TGIF – There’s just really not much more that I can say about that!!

I’m planning a nice quiet weekend at home, possibly catching up on some “behind the scenes” blogging, and gearing up for Feature Week for you all next week. Some of my great blogging friends have offered to guest post here and I have a BIG BIRTHDAY announcement coming up. For now, though, I’ll just tell you all that I’m happy you have stopped by to support me, stick around for the Featured Newbie later today, and check out my Winner Winner Weekend Giveaway Linky coming this afternoon…but for right now…

Let’s talk about Weight Loss!!

Last weekend, we finally had the chance to celebrate my sister’s birthday at my dad’s house and he cooked burgers and hot dogs. They picked up the largest ice cream cake I have ever seen and this time around I didn’t resist. I’ve told you all about my Sugar Addiction so that’s probably not surprising. I cleaned it up for the week and got back on track, but on Wednesday I was feeling “blah”. I felt fat and bloated and depressed. I’ve been staying up late on the computer (Facebook) and I’ve been stressed at work. During lunch on Wednesday, I told my husband that I just wanted to pick up cheeseburgers and eat junk and skip the weigh-in this week…I was really down in the dumps!!

Hubby boosted my spirits and told me no to the cheeseburgers and that was a welcome change. He is so supportive all of the time, but when it comes to eating junk sometimes he and I can convince ourselves to splurge (gorge) and pick it back up “next week”. Anyway, he helped me push through and guess what?!!

I lost 5 lbs this week!!

Hubby lost 2.2 lbs!!

I didn’t believe it when I saw it and I still don’t know how, but I guess my body is just trying to give me the extra motivation to keep working on it.

I did notice earlier in the week that I’ve had a small increase in energy. I took our boy to the library and a book sale on Saturday and played basketball with him twice this week after work. I told Hubby that I felt like we should start walking again after work (the boy’s favorite thing to do anyway) and I’ve been doing a little more work around the house.

Hopefully, things will continue to look up (although the stress online and off remains) but I’m choosing to stay positive despite feeling blue. I hope that next week with all the special posts from my friends that I will feel refreshed and my body will respond nicely.

Of course, my online friends are always motivating me to keep moving. Andrea at Let’s Call It Crispy and I have decided to team up and connect my Fatty Friday with her Fitness Friday so after you’ve linked up here, hop on over to her and see how she’s doing!! (Tell her I said “hi” ;)) 

I’m making my journey of weight loss public in hopes that the accountability will help me and talking about the struggle of addiction to food will help others!!

The Fatty Friday linky is about weight struggles, weight loss success and support, getting healthier, or whatever you feel would “fit” with these topics. You do not have to post something new on Friday, just link to something weight loss or fitness related that you posted during the week. I know several bloggers are in the NSNation and that would be a great post to link up. Maybe you are just needing some encouragement on a weight loss or fitness issue…link it up!! Maybe you have a weight loss related giveaway (lets keep those limited and specific to weight loss or fitness) but go for it!! Link up!!

The linky will stay open all week and will reset on Friday morning!!

If you know me at all, you know I don’t like rules so if you think it “fits” with the theme, link up, and then go visit a few of the others and see what they have to say as well.

Leave a comment of encouragement…and don’t forget to encourage me!! 

If you are a blogger interested in reviewing Plus Size clothing and/or weight loss related products then come visit the Passion Plus Facebook Group for some great support, thanks to Whole Lotta Mama!!


  1. Michelle says:

    I wish I can do that! 5 lbs.?? That’s is a very good achievement, I am trying to lose a weight also and your post just inspires me a lot to go through it. So, what’s the stats now??

    • janet says:

      Unfortunately, I’m back on the way up…I need to get back on it or at least blog about it for the support!!

  2. Jer Marie says:

    Having a weight loss programs is difficult specially in following and maintaining it so CONGRATS to you on your 5lbs!! More pound to lose for you, you can do it.

  3. Very proud of you! Way to go!!!

  4. 5 lbs That’s fantastic! Well done 🙂

  5. Holy cow Janet!! WAY TO GO! 5 lbs. down is an amazing accomplishment! I’m proud of you!

  6. You go girl! 5 lbs. in one week is no easy feat!

  7. Susie My SoCal LIfe says:

    5lbs is an amazing loss for one week. Congrats, that is awesome and keep it up!! I have just given up soda for Lent and I’m on day 3 and it’s sooo hard for me! and I totally hear ya on the hubby making it easy to splurge 🙂

  8. YAY on a wait loss – O would love to keep in touch on the pound losing journey, but not with Fat Friday – I already have Mamavation Monday and lose weight at home Tuesday – LOL. Looking forward to your next post

  9. Congrats on the 5 lbs!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! =)


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