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The World of Yum and Cooking with Monkey {review}

Welcome to the World of Yum!!

I’ve talked a lot about how much my boy likes to read, but our house sometimes feels like it’s going to be overrun with books. We have to keep them away from the dogs because if they get their grubby paws on them, the book is destroyed. What better way to solve that problem than e-books for kids?!!

The World of Yum and Cooking with Monkey are coming on the scene and teaching children about healthy living and nutrition, activity, nature and family.

The World of Yum and it’s inhabitants aim to inspire and ignite a movement of happy, educated and empowered children for generations to come.


Meet Bubba!!

Bubba is a friendly whale that flies around at night and picks up the children who can’t sleep to take them to the moon and listen to bedtime stories. His stories are fun and colorful and have a lesson to learn in each one!!

I was sent the first 8 books (as ebooks) to review and I was excited to show them to my boy. He’s always asking to play something on the computer when he sees me working on my blog so this was perfect!!

The Boy loved all the bright pictures and loved that he could press the arrow down button to make it through the book. We were able to read some of the stories, but he also made up his own stories to go along. His favorite characters were Snaketank and Big Head Boy!!

I’m really excited about this new partnership with Cooking with Monkey for my blog because I feel it is a perfect fit for what I envisioned my blog to be – Child Safety and Health related – and their Mission Statement is a great fit.

Mission Statement

Cooking with Monkey utilizes the powerful influence of mass media by producing a wide range of educational materials to positively influence, strengthen and empower children to become happy, healthy and productive human beings. Our material is developed to ensure children have a fun experience while learning values and applying them in real life. We aspire to motivate children to learn the values that will enable them to become masters of their lives.

This review and introduction is only the beginning of me introducing all of the exciting products they have in the works!!


  1. Darcy says:

    It’s amazing the number of great ebooks for kids now. I’m interested in Cooking with Monkey!
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