Sit Stretch Smile Chair Yoga Book/DVD {Review}


Need to relax? What about reduce stress and tension? Do you breathe regularly with purpose and rhythm? Did you know that you can improve your overall health and well-being when you learn to do all of this? Did you know that you can do it all while you are sitting in your chair at work or blogging away for hours on end into the night?

Whoa, wait!!

Did I say you can relax and reduce stress and tension while sitting in your chair blogging away..??!!

Yep, I did!!

I’m talking about Chair Yoga. I know, I don’t like Yoga much because I’m afraid I can’t get my big body in and out of those crazy positions, but this is all done from your chair and develop a heathier body alignment!!

(from the book)

Chair Yoga Q & A

  • What is this? A program to train your body to relax and move with better efficiency.
  • Who is this for? Anyone desiring to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Where is this done? At work, home or travel where a flat, level chair is available. (Your blogging desk!!)
  • When do I practice? A daily regimen can range from 15-50 minutes, at any time of the day.
  • Why should I do this? To feel better by reducing stress and tension in the body.
  • How is this accomplished? By rhythmically breathing while practicing safe, stable yoga poses.

Sit, Stretch, Smile book and DVD shows several Yoga poses and how to achieve them in your chair.

I received a book in Large Print and I can set it on my desk and easily see the poses and practice. With the DVD, I can have it running next to what I might be reading or typing online and the soothing water behind Howie, the sound of his voice, and the Yoga poses he gives me all contribute to me feeling more relaxed when I have to work (or blog ;)).

Read more about why Howie calls this Yoga and how his Chair Yoga was developed!!

I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this book and DVD and have to remind myself to use it more often. I come home in the evenings from being at work all day and my shoulders are tight and achy. Sometimes I come home and head straight to the computer to blog so I never actually relax. When I use Howie’s program regularly I feel better and my husband says I look better. I sleep better and I get more accomplished in my work and blogging!!

Sound like something you would enjoy?!!

You Call This Yoga is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit founded in 2010 by Dr. Howie Shareff dedicated to the improvement of the public’s health through the development and teaching of chair yoga and gentle mat based programs. The organization reaches hundreds of students from diverse populations as a result of its alignment with agencies that promote the public’s well being, provide educational materials in various media, and facilitate the training of teachers to teach chair and gentle mat yoga. The ultimate goal is to become an integral part of a national wellness agenda.


You can find Sit, Stretch, Smile on the You Call This Yoga website. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter, or find more videos on YouTube!!

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