Save for college while you shop with Mission Tuition!!

Hubby asked me this week what would I do if we won the $91 million lottery. Besides the normal “buy a house, pay off bills”, I also told him that I wanted to start a savings account for our boy’s college. I’m definitely in favor of encouraging him to go to college, but I am terrified that we will not be able to help pay for it.My family couldn’t afford to help much when I left for college so I have tons of student loans (that I will likely be paying for when my children go to college) so we have to start saving now!!

I recently discovered Mission Tuition and this may be exactly what we need.

Mission Tuition offers a free educational savings program for parents, relatives, and even students. By using the website to shop with major retailers, you can earn valuable money toward cash rebates (as well as earning discounts at the same time)!

Signup from Mission Tuition is FREE and you can start your savings account for FREE. Then, start shopping online, earn rebates, and your rebates go directly into your child’s college savings account. Hubby and I are also learning new ways to save money and budget through the use of coupons and Mission Tuition also has printable coupons. Learn more about starting your child’s 529 College Savings Account.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are my own. I plan to open my son’s savings account now!

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