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New Year’s Goals.. Finally!!

Happy New Year {new year baby}As a new"ish" blogger, I am constantly learning about what to post and when to be "with the times" so I've read several other bloggers posting about New Year's Resolutions or New Year's Goals and I've been putting it off a little because I just don't know what to say. I've never been one to make resolutions because I don't feel like I would ever follow up and then it just seems silly to start the same ones year after year. However, I thought at some point this month I would probably put one together.

Well, Melissa over at The Kids Are Grown, Now What? has inspired me to get it posted more quickly with her weekly meme so I'm joining her today for New Year posts!!

I really liked the format that Darcy at Tales from the Nursery used in her New Year Goals post (not to mention we have very similar goals ;)) so I'm going to model mine like this!!

Personal Goals

  • You guys know from my Fatty Friday posts that I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy. My son has noticed off and on that his mommy and daddy have "big tummies", but he doesn't seem upset about it. I have always feared (from the time I found out I was pregnant) that I would have an overweight child and he would struggle like Hubby and me. We have been Blessed with a slender, healthy child who only likes to eat when he's hungry and until he's done. He likes candy a little, but he doesn't go overboard. So, now is the time (past time!!) to get healthy. We have begun walking the football track and we've always tried to stay active with our boy so I think we're on target to get this done!!
  • One of the very first pages I set up on this blog was my "This is Me!!" page and I mentioned that I want a baby girl so bad!! After our boy was born, I got an IUD, but when we started to lose weight rapidly after May 2010 my IUD fell out (September 2010). We decided that must be God's sign that we should begin trying for baby #2. We haven't had success yet, but we aren't giving up hope. I'm reviewing a TTC kit at the moment and will post my review next week. I've been to the doctor for a full check-up with no concerns. We know it's in God's hands and on His timeline so we're trusting Him!! Besides, we're having fun trying. 😉
  • I had so much fun linking up with Shanda for On Your Heart Tuesdays where I could just talk about whatever had been on my mind, Shell for Pour Your Heart Out with Things I Can't Say where I told my family story (need Hubby to finish his side of the story!!), and Joan for Grace Cafe. I want to start linking up again or at least start posting more personal posts so this blog is as much about me as it is about my readers and providing great giveaways!!

Professional Goals

  • When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure if I was going to monetize or just do this for fun. I decided early on that if I could make a little money it would be great for my family, but I'm not yet trying to "make a living" from my blog. I love supporting others and watching their excitement as they hook up with monetization opportunities. I've tried a few things and I've posted a few sponsored posts. Of course, I've been doing a lot of reviews and that is a fun way to try new products and tell you all about them. I'll probably increase my efforts little by little to keep the extra money coming in, but I don't have a definite goal in terms of monetization. I just have a LOT to learn. If anyone wants to mentor me…please let me know!! 😉
  • I love, Love, LOVE my job with Child Protective Services in Texas so my professional goals really revolve around that work. Along those lines, I hope blog a little more about Child Safety and bring you tips for safety (possibly more products) geared towards these topics.
  • This may not be a "professional" goal, but it is blog related. I am having so much fun and pride in watching the Newbie Blog Hop grow!! I am looking forward to watching all of the Newbies grow through their first year (and more), start some giveaway events, and start posting Tutorials!!

Phew!! That just seems like a lot to me!! What do you think?

Do you make Resolutions? Goals? Pinky promises to yourself? Do you have a Resolution or Goal that you made in the past that you want to make again? Do you have one that you've reached and want to brag encourage us?!!


  1. Darcy says:

    I wish us both luck on TTC #2! I want a boy next 😉

  2. Danielle says:

    This year is the first year I've set goals for myself and I feel great about it. I seem to be a lot more excited about accomplishing things since I get to physically check them off of my list as I go along.

  3. Sounds like you have some great goals for 2012! Best of luck 🙂 For my blog, my goal is to add more "life" content, rather than just reviews, giveaways, and coupons. I want to add more "meat" to it. In the past I was worried b/c of issues with a stalker, but he has seemed to move on and I feel more free to post items 🙂 Personally, I need to get back into shape after having a baby in 2011.

    • janet says:

      Some many of us have the same goals!!

  4. Thanks for linking up and I am crossing my fingers for a baby girl for you!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Meme of the Week Hop!My Profile

  5. Those are great goals. I love that your professional goals revolve around helping others, both through blogging and your work with protective services. In life what you give is usually returned, so I am sure you will be successful as you give so much of yourself. Happy new year!

    • janet says:

      Thank you for the wonderful encouragement!!


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