Fatty Friday – 291

 Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

I have a bummer to tell you about, but I still hope you are having a great Friday, anyway!!

I’m making my journey of weight loss public in hopes that the accountability will help me and talking about the struggle of addiction to food will help others!!

Remember that homemade (from home grown) blackberry cobbler I told you about last week? Well, it quite possible that it showed up this week on my weigh-in…haha!!

I gained 0.4lbs this week!!

Hubby lost 2.2lbs.

I’m at 291 (boo) but oh well…better luck next week.

I’m a little bummed, but not too bad. I never like to go “up” on the scale, but I’m not totally discouraged. I am really not great with drinking water, which is apparently a big key to losing weight, and this week I dehydrated myself and ended up pretty sick by Wednesday from it. I tried to quickly rehydrate myself which could be part of the gain. It’s also about to be that time of the month, so my body is probably doing all kinds of things weird.

Of course, you all have heard me talk in these posts and in my Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge about the fruit and Cool Whip that Hubby and I have been eating and we may or may not have been eating a “little” more than we should. 😉 We tell ourselves at least it’s not ice cream and chocolate…but it still adds on the pounds…

Finally, on Wednesday when I was feeling so bad and it was rainy and yucky and I was just “blue” I had two of those Weight Watchers Ice Creams I got for review a while back (see my review later today).

I didn’t eat much of the peanut butter powder that I mentioned last week, but came home and had some last night. I was so tempted to just pick up a chocolate bar so I just did this instead. I like to add  PB2 from Bell Plantation to Fat Free Cool Whip and it tastes just like Reese’s peanut butter.

This week I plan to focus more on my water intake, stay away from the fruit for a week, stick to the eating plan as usual, and try to get some exercise in. The only challenge I anticipate is the monthly crampiness, but I’m hoping the extra water (and lots of Ibuprofen) will make that more tolerable. 

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The linky will stay open all week and will reset on Friday morning!!

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If you are a blogger interested in reviewing Plus Size clothing and/or weight loss related products then come visit the Passion Plus Facebook Group for some great support, thanks to Whole Lotta Mama!!

Disclosure: The Bell Plantation link and image contain affiliate links, which means if you click through and buy something, I might make a little money from it. However, Hubby and I discovered PB2 from the center we go to for weight loss and loved it long before I had a blog or knew they had an affiliate link. It’s just yummy stuff!!



  1. Aww don’t feel too discouraged! I read somewhere (by somewhere I mean like a Yahoo! article a long time ago) is that one of the reasons why guys do better in losing weight is because if they go up on the scale a pound or a fraction of a pound, they can write it off better and be all “oh well crap happens” better than women can. Women apparently tend to focus on that little blip, which causes stress, which contributes to weight gain.

    So be like a guy and don’t care ;o)

  2. Becca P. says:

    That’s just water weight my friend 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • janet says:

      I’m hoping so, Becca P, my friend!!

  3. Water is your friend!

    • janet says:

      Hahahaha!!! You should remind me of that every day on FB!! 😉

  4. My daughter loves PB2. Did you know they have chocolate too?!!

    • janet says:

      I just saw the chocolate last week…am curious, but I haven’t tried it yet!!

  5. Just keep your eyes on the prize of the pants of smaller size
    I gotta step it up to get get rid of my holiday pounds

    • janet says:

      LOVE that!! I may quote you next week. 😉

  6. Tiffany Cruz says:

    You’re bound to have some weeks where you don’t lose as much as you wanted or as much as you lost the week before. Congrats and what you’re doing though 🙂

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Tiffany…I’m trying to keep my head up!!

  7. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:

    Bummer. I hope next work is better for you. It’s amazing how much water figures into everything! Hugs and thanks for sharing with all of us. 🙂

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Lady!! I actually love water, but soda keeps me awake and I don’t have to run to the restroom all the time…I just need to find a balance, I guess.

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