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Hubby and I started our weight loss journey with a new eating plan in May 2010 when we were both at our highest. I was 345.6 lbs on May 1, 2010. The eating plan was almost all protein (meat, mostly) and little to no carbs. Around October/November, I had lost almost 90 lbs and I was somewhere around 255-260…

Then, the Holidays hit.

Hubby had hit a plateau and the center we were going to recommended that he have a “cheat day” and then restart the eating plan. So, we both took a cheat day, which turned into a weekly cheat day, which turned into every Thursday after we weighed in we would gorge on Mexican food, then eat all weekend, and frantically diet on Monday-Thursday again hoping we would lose.

We decided we would eat during the Holidays which turned into Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, January (not really a Holiday, but we were on a roll!), The Boy’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, My Birthday, and then we just gave up.

That was a year ago…



We have been trying to restart for the past year and we just can't find the right plan for us because we miss our carbs and just feel that the last plan was depriving us too much…it was HARD!!

I was contacted by Dr. Sears to try out the ZoneFast™ Weight Loss Program and was offered a two week supply of their foods.

Let me just tell you that I was THRILLED when the box showed up (HUGE!!) and it had bread, cookies, pretzels, bagels, pasta…all the goodies…and they were all low carb, high protein!!

Hubby was pretty jealous that he wasn't in on the review so I let him taste some of it. 😉

I stuck with the plan during the two weeks and felt pretty good!! I had a little bit of increase in energy and for the most part I wasn't hungry. I don't know if I lost weight, but my clothes were slightly more comfortable.

I think this is a plan I could still with for quite a while!!

Weight loss has never been easier. Eat the foods you love and not feel hungry. That's our Zone “no-hunger” promise! Each ZoneFast™ Weight-Loss Package contains a variety of popular breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, our Zone Meal Planner and great-tasting Zone Recipes to help assure your weight loss success.

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