Is it time for Our First Home?

Hubby and I are renting a house right now. Since we’ve been together, we’ve been in an apartment, lived in my sister’s house until she wanted to move back in, another apartment, and now renting a home.

We had thought about asking our landlord (our Pastor) about buying the house, but it has some foundation issues so we are think a little more about it.

My dad and stepmom recently decided to add on to their house and do some renovations. They had a Mortgage Refinance and used the equity they had in their home to save themselves money. They were able to do so many renovations and add all new furniture!!

Hubby and I have some spotty credit, but I received a letter a few weeks ago that my credit score is higher than we expected and it may be high enough that actually looking for our first home could be closer than we think!!

Are you a home owner or getting ready to buy your first home? What advice would you give a young-ish couple looking to buy their first home?!!

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