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Each week at the Newbie Blog Hop, we choose a Featured Newbie to interview and get to know a little better. From the blogs that linked up in Week 18, the chosen blogger is Alice from Bay Area Mommy!

Let's get to know more about this mom from the Bay Area plus her blogging journey!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.

My name is Alice and I'm a mother to an 8-month old baby. I am happily married to my best friend. I started being a stay-at-home person when I was 2 months pregnant and I felt nauseous all day long. I had a very difficult pregnancy which resulted in my baby being born slightly premature (35 weeks). I haven't gone back to working just yet and I probably will only start again when my baby's big enough to attend school. My husband and I are also part of my church's Praise & Worship Team. He's the lead guitarist and I'm one of those who lead worship.

Do you have more than one blog? If so, tell me about them!

Nope. Just 1 blog: BayAreaMommy.com. I write about saving and earning money, coupons, freebies, product reviews and giveaways. :)

How long have you been blogging?

My very first post was on July 27, 2011. So that makes my blog 5 months old. :)

Why did you start blogging? Is this also why you continue blogging?

I started blogging because I got inspired by the blogs I've been following (mainly coupon blogs). And since I feel like I see so many freebies and deals on the internet, I decided to create a blog about saving money, about being a mom and product reviews. I still make it a point to post deals although this holiday season has just been crazy and I have not been able to post as many deals as possible because of all the reviews and giveaways I have to post.

Who does your blog appeal to? Is this who you thought would be your target audience?

Moms. I really targeted moms even from the very beginning. But I want to be able to cater to non-moms as well.

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

Basically the same direction but being more influential and being able to give more value to my readers.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

I guess there's just so many things I want to post but I feel like I don't have enough time.

What do you love about blogging?

I love being able to write and express myself. I also love the fact that my brain is getting some exercise when I need to tweak something in my blog's codes as well as when I write reviews. I love how blogging has taught me so many things. I love learning!

What do you NOT love about blogging?

Hmm… I guess it's the fact that it's really addicting. LOL!

What types of product reviews and giveaways do you feature?

I do almost all types. Apparel, toys, accessories, food, etc. I want to be able to review electronics but I probably won't do pet products since I don't have one.

What was your favorite product to review?

So far, I really loved SodaStream and the Zipz Shoes. :)

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into this or up the value of their giveaways?

For those who want to get into reviewing products and doing giveaways, just pitch, pitch, and pitch. You maynot hear back from all of them but you'll definitely get some positive responses. Manage your time well and join as many giveaway events as you can handle. :)

Besides your blog, how else can people find you?

Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus | NetworkedBlogs

Share your top 3 favorite posts from your blog.

My favorite one is the Shekinah Project post.

Then the one about the Meth Project.

And one about monetization.

Share your top 3 favorite blogs to read and why.

Money Saving Mom: because I see her as an expert in something I'm passionate about and she's a christian too.

The Krazy Koupon Lady: because she posts a lot of coupon stuff!

Blogging With Amy: she posts a lot of valuable tips for bloggers especially newbies.

Do you have any bloggers that you consider to be mentors?

I attended Blogelina's blogging class so I see her as a mentor. And since I follow Amy of Blogging With Amy, I see her as a mentor too although she doesn't really know me. I also value the inputs of fellow bloggers from 2 of the groups I love the most (Newbie Blog Hop and BlogStars).

Do you have a weekly, daily, or monthly Blog Hop or Meme that people should join in? Tell me about it and share an info link.

Not yet. But I'm planning to create a giveaway linky and giveaway linky list. I'll probably start it in January. :)

How do you find time to blog?

Ooh.. Great question! I blog while my baby's asleep or when he's playing at his mini entertainment center. But since he's used to being carried in my arms, it's such a challenge to write posts because he would cry! It's especially challenging for me because I need to be "in the zone" when I write.

What else would you like us to know?

Hmm… I just want to thank you guys for featuring me here! :)

What is your best advice for a Newbie Blogger?

Best advice would be to do networking with other bloggers right from the very start. That was my mistake. I've already been blogging for 2 months before but have not really seen the value of touching bases with other bloggers. You'll definitely learn a lot from others who have been in your situation. When I finally did, my blog grew very quickly!

That ends the interview!

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