A Letter from the Toothfairy

I mentioned yesterday that my boy is not so great at brushing his teeth. I know it’s my fault for not creating that routine and teaching him the importance earlier, but we’re trying now.

During Halloween, I was contacted about spreading the word on tooth decay in children and donating Trick or Treat candy to raise awareness of the millions of children who are in need of proper dental care.

I was asked to look at America’s Toothfairy and the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation in order to bring that information to my readers.  

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy (NCOHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to raising awareness of the #1 chronic childhood illness: pediatric dental disease, facilitating delivery of comprehensive pediatric oral health services, and eliminating this preventable disease from future generations. NCOHF draws on vast national resources to secure and distribute product and financial donations along with innovative preventive programs to a growing network of not-for-profit university and community based dental clinics, health centers, and mobile programs throughout America.


Oral Health Matters: An Oral Health Social Marketing Campaign supports the Oral Health Zone Programdeveloped by NCOHF to guide community leaders in sharing information, developing a strategy and identifying the human and financial resources needed to combat pediatric dental disease. For more information about NCOHF, the Oral Health Zone Programand Oral Health Matters: An OralHealth Social Marketing Campaign, please visit www.AmericasToothfairy.org.

In addition to facts on oral care and tooth decay, there are also fun activities on the site for children and parents. I noticed right away the letter a child can receive from the Toothfairy. America’s Toothfairy sent a letter to my boy (and for me to review) and told him that he had a beautiful smile (he does..and he knows it) and that he must take care of his teeth every day so he can keep that smile. He loves getting mail and it’s usually a toy magazine or some review item, but this letter had his name on it (he recognizes his name and loves it) and he listened carefully while I read it to him.

Check out this PSA from America’s Toothfairy!!

Does your child need a letter from the Toothfairy?!!

For a minimum $10 tax-deductible donation, America’s Toothfairy will send your child a personalized letter that emphasizes the importance of oral hygiene for healthy growth. And you will feel great knowing that 100% of your contribution will help at-risk children across the country receive critical oral health services for their own healthy growth and development …because every child deserves a healthy smile!

Who wouldn’t want a letter straight from America’s Toothfairy in their mailbox? She is ready and waiting to write that special letter to a child you know and love.

You can read more about America’s Toothfairy on the NCOHF website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!!

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