Sisterpalooza…and the Games we play

This weekend my sisters and I are getting together and when the three of us do that it’s always an interesting experience. The last time we got together for a weekend, we decided to name it…Sisterpalooza!! Our significant others (and some of our children) have learned to just leave us alone and do their own thing. 🙂

When my younger sister graduated from high school and moved out, she was living in College Station and we used to have these great weekends. I was living in Austin and would call her out of the blue at 5pm on a Friday and say “I’m on my way!!”. She would sometimes do that as well. Come to think of it, I’m surprised we never crossed paths because there were times when we would surprise each other!!

In about 2005, I was moving from Austin to Nacogdoches and College Station was about halfway. I would go to Beth’s house on Thursday afternoons to spend the night and we would go play Bingo with her work friends. I had always wanted to, but never had a friend to go with me. It was so much fun!! I never won, but Beth did once!! We should do that again…

Now that we are all so busy, I wonder if it wouldn’t be fun to play some online bingo games. I’ve never played them before but I think I would love to try some out!!

Have you ever played an online bingo game?!! Are they fun? Do you win?!!

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  1. Christine SD says:

    I used to play during weekends over at my cousins house! I haven’t tried playing online, though, but it sounds good!


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