Newbie Blog Hop – Week 13!! New Cohost!!

Welcome to the 13th week of NEWBIE BLOG HOP!

Thank you to Life’s Cheap Thrills for preparing today’s hop!!

This blog hop is hosted by Going Crazy!!Wanna Go?!! together with Life’s Cheap Thrills.

Are you just starting out as a blogger? Do you feel so small and find yourself elbowing your way out of a crowd of huge blogs? Well, you are not alone! At first I thought I was alone until I met “newbies” during one of my daily cyber-roaming. This group constantly reminds me that aiming for a successful blog is not an easy journey but you will surely meet people with the same purpose as you along the way. And you do not walk past them, you walk WITH them one step at a time! Boy, do I sound so cheesy!!

Featured Newbie:

Every week, we randomly choose a Featured Newbie from the previous week’s list.

Our featured newbie for this week is Sasha from Sasha Loves Saving! Sasha is a recently engaged 24 year old woman who, like most of us if not all, loves deals! She likes telling her friends when she finds a great deal so she thought she should put up a blog to reach more people.

Our interview with Sasha will be posted on Friday at 12:30pm CST.

Check the full rules here and if you think you fit in, link up!

Be a member of our Facebook Group and get help from or help out your fellow newbies. We also have a Triberr tribe where everyone tweets your blog posts to their Twitter followers. Shoot me an e-mail with your Twitter handle if interested!

Feel free to follow our fellow newbies on the linky below and get to know each other. Tell your friends to join! This hop is all about F-U-N!

Looking to join another Exciting Wednesday Blog Hop?!!
Join the Block Party Hop Wednesday!!

Each week they pick a follow method and hop around to each others’ blogs. This week is Blog It Forward!! Add your favorite bloggy friend to increase THEIR followers!!

If we reach 30 blogs linked up, we’ll put up A GIVEAWAY so spread the word!


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