Alice Tease

Alice Tease

I have known Jen, owner of Alice Tease, since about 2002-03 when I met her through a friend. Just after meeting her, I helped her hang some of her artwork in a local coffee shop one evening in Austin, TX, and remember thinking she needed a larger platform to display her art. I am so, so, so thrilled to bring this spotlight to you today!!

This is Alice Tease!!

Jen has created a wonderful line of gifts – totes, jewelry, journals & more with her interpretation of Alice’s journey in Wonderland. The artwork is all inspired by her grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Even more exciting is her dedication to Alzheimer’s awareness; 50% of all proceeds from sales goes to the Alzheimer’s Association!!

Jen sent me a black hobo bag and several scrabble tiles to check out and I love, Love, LOVE them!!


The bags are 65/35 cotton blend and can be spot cleaned with cold water as needed. It has two small pockets on the inside and an outside pocket on the back with a velcro closure. The opening for the bag has a string tie that is just adorable. I have been using my hobo bag for a bible bag for church and I’ve received several compliments on the Mad Hatter design!!

Jen sent me a silver chain for the Scrabble Tile charms and it’s been fun wearing these whimsical tiles!! The pendant is an actual Scrabble Tile (I have and E, P, and a blank = 4 points!! :)) The pendants are sealed, but are not 100% waterproof and are not intended to be worn while swimming or showering.

Alice Tease presents:  Card House Skyscraper Gifts featuring whimsical Alice in Wonderland inspired designs, created as a response to the artist’s grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Original, Artist created totes & jewelry starting at $10
  • 50% of the proceeds goes to the Alzheimer’s Association


Another kind of Wonderland…

In a world where reality constantly shifts, and new realities are born instantaneously- some beautiful and some terrifying, lies the mind of someone living with Alzheimer’s.

Memory and time swing back and forth like a pendulum, from one moment to the next. Space vacillates as well,  sometimes familiar surroundings can help anchor the  patient’s mind in the present, but at other times, even the familiar transforms into foreign territory. Suddenly, their perspective of  the world directly parallels Alice’s encounter in Wonderland.  And much like Wonderland,  Alzheimer’s can cloak the patient’s world as a beautiful, humorous, breath-taking vision or can instantaneously grow very dark–often the two intermingle simultaneously.

As the disease progresses, it becomes increasing difficult to claim independence, hold on to memories, recognize time and spacial relationships, and eventually inability to identify  loved ones, and even oneself.

Those living with Alzheimer’s need advocates, while researchers clamber towards finding a cure for this progressive disease. As a whole, we need to have heightened awareness about this disease, as it is becoming an epidemic that will only rapidly multiply in years to come.

Mimi is the inspiration behind my artistic and musical journey of interpreting the disease. But through it all, Mimi will always be love personified, and not a disease.


Jen sells her Alice Tease art, jewelry, bags, mugs, etc. on Etsy
and Ebay and the prices are very reasonable!!

You can also find Alice Tease on Facebook and her Website!!

**I did receive products from Jen at Alice Tease to review for this event; however, all opinions are completely mine and I am not easy on products. Having said that, I love Jen, I love my bag and pendants, and I love this cause for Jen!!


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