Trick or Treat Bag – Colortime Crafts and Markers!!


Trick or Treat!
No trick!

Colortime Craft and Markers will treat you to 20% off our Halloween tote bag and pillowcase!

What better way to collect your treats than with Colortime Crafts And Markers™ Halloween tote bag or pillowcase?

The 15″ X 16″ cotton tote bag and standard size pillowcase will hold all the candy a child can gather!

 Color this tote with Colortime Crafts And Markers™ permanent fabric markers!

Personalizing the tote or pillowcase will ensure that you will bring home that full size Snickers bar, instead of someone else’s Mary Jane-filled bag!
The tote and pillowcase are washable too so when your Pixie Sticks open accidentally, clean up is no problem!

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