Tornado of Thoughts – Anniversary Mode

My Tornado of Thoughts Blurted Out Here!!

Did you know that is my blog tagline…probably not since it’s nowhere on this blog…haha!! I think it might actually show up if you read in Google Reader or maybe even email…who knows!!

Anyway, I have decided to start using this phrase and icon when I need to blurt something out on the blog and it doesn’t fit anywhere else. I just need to let you know where my mind is and why you aren’t seeing me around the blog and Facebook lately…

I’m exhausted!! I really don’t know why, but I just can’t stay awake at night and since that is when I blog or get on Facebook, that is why you aren’t seeing me.

Football and Baseball!! Hubby is from Detroit and the Lions and Tigers are really doing awesome right now so we’ve been engrossed in sports!!

I’m swamped at work!! When I don’t blog at night, I try to squeeze some in at work, but things have been crazy busy for me at work so no blogging!!

I’m gathering up sponsors for Giveaway Events!! I have been talking with different sponsors for the events listed on my right sidebar so a lot of my time has been caught up in emails and getting product reviews.

I’m getting ready for my Anniversary trip!! We are going to spend the night in a hotel and just be us…without The Boy. I have a guest post ready for Thursday and I should have at least one other on the way, but I think my head is in Anniversary mode.

So…here are some things you can do while I’m gone!!

Go visit some of the Newbie Bloggers on the Newbie Blog Hop from last week!!

Read through my family’s story (Hubby may have a new one for you tomorrow!!)

Go check out my button featured on Shopper Strategy!!

Go visit my friends: Barb at Blogfully!!

Hmm…is that enough to keep ya busy?!!

Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for the Newbie Blog Hop, a Guest Post on Thursday, and Fatty Friday on…Friday, of course!!

Love you all!!!

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