Newbie Blog Hop – Week Nine

Welcome to Week Nine of

Newbie Blog Hop!!

If this is your first time here,

please read the Rules HERE,
but also know that we’re not rule followers so bend them if you need to!!

We did good last week with 19 blogs linking up up!!

Let’s keep getting the word out!!

You guessed it…

I still didn’t get the Newletter started, no excuse just didn’t get it done!! I did start researching it yesterday to see how to get it all set up, but then I got a new case at work and it got pushed aside. I’ll get on it!!

Now for the Featured Newbie Blog!!!

This week’s Featured Blog is:

Little Love Blog

Blogger: Kelsey

Kelsey’s blog is inspired by her beautiful baby girl, Little Love, who just began walking…way to go, Little Love!! Kelsey recently discovered that she’s “crunchy” and like me, wasn’t quite sure what “crunchy” meant until she googled it!! 🙂 Kelsey blogs about crafting, motherhood, fashion, photography, product reviews and giveaways from the perspective of a young mother. I love seeing all the beautiful pictures of Little Love and really like her new design (by Jordan of Holding On To The Little Things).

Kelsey hosts a Weekend Blog Hop (that I just discovered…oops!!)
and I’m totally linking up this weekend!!

little love weekend blog hop

She also always has a giveaway going.
Her Current Giveaway is the Ultimate Body Applicator…go enter!!

Go check out her blog and tweet about her (she’s new to Twitter so follow her!!)

Come back on Friday afternoon for our Interview!!

(Speaking of Friday, have you heard about my Fatty Friday linkup??!!)

Do you want to be Next Week’s Featured Blog??!!
Just link up…a new blog is picked at Random every week!!!

Link up whatever page you want: blog, facebook, twitter, favorite post…

This Hop is NOT strict, just FUN!!!!

Please be courteous and go visit your fellow Newbies out there!!

Be sure to tell all your bloggy friends about this Hop – new and not-so-new so we can ALL join in the fun!!

Looking to join another Exciting Wednesday Blog Hop?!!
Check out a fellow Newbie Blog Hopper, Frugal Plus for
Block Party Hop Wednesday!!

Each week they pick a follow method and hop around to each others’ blogs. Last week was Twitter and this week is FACEBOOK!!


**if you haven’t ever joined a Hop and are not sure how to navigate the Linky tool to get your name/blog on their, send me an email or use my Contact Form!!

P.S. If you are on Blogger, sometimes Blogger hates me and I have trouble entering a comment so if I haven’t commented on your site, it is NOT because I don’t want to!!! I always keep trying so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon!!!

PPS. What type of Newbie questions do people have??!! I can start a weekly New Tip for Newbies each week on this Hop!!

Link up here!!


  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks for hosting again!! linking up again this week!!

    • janet says:

      Sure thing…thanks for joining again!!

  2. Kristi and Stephanie @ 4Eighteen says:

    Hello! Thanks for hosting, we are your newest followers from!

    • janet says:

      Welcome!! Heading over to follow back now!!

    • janet says:

      Oh Boo!! My firewall is blocking me from seeing all your pics and everything except your words. 🙁
      I’ll stop by tonight from my home computer and follow back!!


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