Life’s Lessons – Listen to your Daddy

Lesson #1 – When you daddy tells you that the $60 fee to get your car registration renewed is much cheaper than the ticket you receive if you are stopped…he’s right!!

Lesson #2 – If your car insurance is expiring, the cost of renewing it is also probably much cheaper than the cost of a ticket you receive if you are stopped.

Lesson #3 – When you do get stopped and receive a ticket for expired car registration AND expired insurance, you should pay it as quickly as humanly possible!!

Lesson #4 – If you choose not to pay it, don’t go home for lunch with your husband during the week because it is likely that a Constable will show up at your door, take you to the courthouse (possibly in handcuffs) and might tell you that you need to come up with the remaining $500+ before he will let you go.

Lesson #5 – If your husband calls you daddy to tell him what is going on and he helps you out of this mess by paying the money, you could go talk to him that night or you could let him cool off… You should probably have told your husband to control his nervous laugh on the phone or your daddy might think he is laughing about you being taken away in handcuffs.

This is all purely hypothetical, you know… I’m just sayin’…

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  1. I would hope it’s hypothetical! That’s scary!

    • janet says:

      Uh, yeah…of course it is!! 😉

  2. He he, this is too funny. And yep, sometimes it’s a wise decision to listen to your dad. But at least he’s willing to pay the bail, just hypothetical of course. 😉

    • janet says:

      Totally hypothetical!! Thanks for laughing at WITH me 😉

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