Cash for Halloween Candy

Do your children get TONS of candy at Halloween every year?!!

Every year, my 3 year old gets more and more excited about Halloween and this year is no exception!!

We already bought his Batman costume and he's worn the mask a few times and talks about it ALL THE TIME!!

Typically, we go to a few houses that we know are safe and then head to a Halloween Carnival or two and he's good, but I know that things are going to change…

Even though we go "light" on the trick-or-treating, he always has way more candy than he needs…and he's actually not a huge candy eater (thank goodness!!).

This "Cash for Candy" deal sounds like a great way to get rid of the candy, make a little change, and help out our soldiers!!

Dentists in several areas are offering this "Cash for Candy" deal where you can earn $$ per pound of candy and then the candy is shipped overseas to soldiers. What a great idea!!

Check out the Halloween Candy Buy Back website for a dentist near you!!


Halloween Candy Give Back Final

Thanks, myCRAZYsavings!!

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