What does He have in store for us next…?

I’ve been a busy bee lately and I’m wearing down!!

Work has been hectic and my mind wanders to my blog way too often, The Boy has flip-flopped from Mommy time to Daddy time to Seriously Why Are You Screaming time…I’ve started a Newbie Blog Hop and Fatty Friday, I have a Blog Hop or Meme that I join every day of the week, I’m participating in some Exciting Giveaways coming up, and I need to start thinking about my Four Year Anniversary coming up!!!

Now that I’ve listed it all out, I know why I’m tired, but oh wow!!!! how the Lord is blessing me!!

Here is Week 5 of My family’s story…I really think I can wrap it up this week! Hubby still says he is writing a guest post for next week about either (a) his “defense”…haha!! or (b) his testimony… I personally can’t wait to see what he writes!!


I came across this meme a few weeks ago and I’m so happy that I did. I want to tell my family’s story, but I just thought it might be awkward and out of place…now, who cares, I just want to tell it.Maybe I’ll feel better once it’s all out!!Let me tell you my family’s story about how Brookshire’s (yes, the grocery store) changed my life, my marriage, my husband, and my family’s future forever!! It’s a long story so I’m going to break it up into several weeks, bear with me and take the journey with us… it’s really a pretty neat story. (I could be biased)

If you missed them, here are Week One, Week TwoWeek Three, and Week Four.

Last week, we left off with Hubby being saved and us dedicating The Boy and being baptized ourselves. The Lord chose this time, as He so often does, to show His wonders in our life.

Things really started coming together for us. We were happy. We were involved in the church. We were connected in a Life Group. We were being mentored by the Pastor and his wife. We even went through a pre-marriage counseling series with them…haha!! (3 years into our marriage)

The Pastor asked Hubby during one of their sessions about his dreams for our family and one of them was for us to be healthy enough (lose weight) to be around to watch The Boy grow up. You see, Hubby thought as a teenager that he would not live to be 30 years old. Once he reached 30, he realized that if he straightened up he could probably live even longer. This was just a few years before we met and I am so thankful that he decided to change  because I never would have dated or even looked at the man he describes himself to be.

Hubby and I started our Weight Loss Journey in May 2010 and The Pastor (along with the entire congregation) began to encourage us and hold us accountable. We rocked, I have to admit!! We have had our struggles with the weight again, but we have committed ourselves again (and now this blog must hold me accountable) and we are enjoying life!!

About 15 months ago, the Assistant Market Manager at Brookshires decided to leave the company and it looked like (to us, anyway) that Hubby was the natural next-in-line for the job. He applied, but they decided to hold off on hiring anyone…

The struggle began with Hubby feeling as though he had been cheated, that someone was out to get him, that he would consider moving on to something else. He may or may not know this, but this scared me to death!! I was afraid he was going to quit and we would be back to the beginning of our marriage again!!

One day, Hubby had enough and he caused a ruckus (I’ll let him explain if he chooses) and the Market Manager and Store Director were forced to give him a review. Let me say, even I thought it was a purposefully negative review because Hubby takes his work seriously!! They told him that he was going to be trained in different aspects of the market for 3 months and they would have another review in May 2011. At that time, they would reconsider him for Assistant.

Hubby worked his TAIL off during those three months!! And something changed in him part of the way through. He began to calm down. He started thinking about the opportunities God has given him, the family that God has given him, and he just changed. He told me that he decided that he had two choices: he could get angry and throw his temper around or quit his job, or he could just do his job as if he was working for the Lord. He decided that you just can’t go wrong when you’re working for the Lord.


Colossians 3:23-24
New International Version (NIV)
23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

May came around and went and in June Hubby asked about the evaluation. His manager and the Store Director kept putting him off, throwing challenges at him and telling him that he needed to learn “just one more thing”. At this time, I started to get agitated, but Hubby just accepted it. He knew that he had to work to help our family and he knew that he was working for the Lord so he just knew he was in the right place.

June came and went and sometime around the beginning of July it was mentioned that he would be due for an annual evaluation in mid-July and that maybe he would be considered for the promotion then. After that, people started talking just a little different to him. The store managers treated him better. His manager talked to him different. Compliments started coming his way…

Hubby was talking to a store manager one day about the wait and anticipation about his upcoming review and the manager said something about “oh yeah, I saw that email”… uh… Hubby and I got a little bit excited and started chomping at the bit!!

So, even though the beans were spilled a little early, at the end of July

Hubby was promoted to Assistant Market Manager

and I have to say he deserves this for so many reasons!!! Not only because he is a hard worker and intelligent and knows the market better than his manager, but because he stuck it out and trusted that God would provide…

Who would have thought that man I married…

At the beginning of this series I told you that I was going to tell you how Brookshires saved my family and my marriage and even though it took me forever (and I could probably write about ten more posts about it) I hope you can see why we think that.

Two sinners found each other, scrambled their way into something they tried to call a marriage, created a beautiful child, and almost lost it all… Then, one Sunday, a kind-hearted manager at Brookshires decided to take a leap of faith and hire this desperate man begging for a job so he wouldn’t lose his wife… A woman stopped to talk to that man in Brookshires about meat and they spent an hour talking about the Bible and the Lord… The sinners head to church and God shines His Light on their family…

And you can bet that I am looking forward to what He has in store for us next!!!

Have you ever come across a time in your life when you just didn’t think that things were going to get any better, you’ve reached the point where you think you are going to put your foot down and that’s the final word, only to have your life changed in a way that you never dreamed? Is there one thing, person, place, or event that you can give some credit to for that change?

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  1. melisa says:

    God is so good. Thank you for your transparency and sharing your experience. I believe with all of my heart, based on all of the troubles that we’ve personally gone through, that God is good no matter what. Not just because someone has told me this, or told me to hang on to this, but because He has made Himself known to me and my family and other believer’s situations like yours, and shown Himself to be good, whether we get what we want or whether things turn out the way we expect or think they should. Then we just can’t help but share what He has done in our lives, two scriptures jump out at me after reading your post, that have proven themselves to be true over and over in my personal life:

    2 Corinthians 1:3-4
    Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

    Jeremiah 20:9 Amplified Bible (AMP)
    9 If I say, I will not make mention of [the Lord] or speak any more in His name, in my mind and heart it is as if there were a burning fire shut up in my bones. And I am weary of enduring and holding it in; I cannot [contain it any longer].


  2. jenn says:

    What an amazing story, thanks for sharing your journey with us

  3. Kristin W says:

    Wow! It is amazing what the Lord does.

    The effort your husband choose to put in his marriage is commendable. Men now a days tend to slack and act childish.
    Kristin W recently posted..Free travel-sized trio of Go Blonder products in the Go Blonder Style KitMy Profile

    • janet says:

      I am so blessed to have him love me!!

  4. Aw, your husband is SO sweet!! You have been on some ride! Thanks for shaing your story with the rest of us.


    • janet says:

      It has been a wonderful journey!! Thank you for reading!!

  5. Linda says:

    Congrats, Howard! I did not know this great news. I know how hard Howard has been working toward it. I am so happy that your dreams are coming true and that you are focusing on your health again so that you can have a long, long time to enjoy those dreams. Love you three so much.

    • janet says:

      Oh, yikes!! I’m sorry you didn’t know the news!! We are truly blessed!!

  6. Heidi says:

    What a great story. I have to say that the comment your hubby left you brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet husband you have!

    • janet says:

      He really is a sweet, sweet man!! I am so blessed!!!

  7. Howard says:

    I love you sooooooo much, baby!! I hope you always remember that in whatever adversities and blessings the lord provides our family with. I will be there right beside you until the end doing whatever the lord commands me to do for you, the boy, myself and most importantly the Lord and our salvation.

    • janet says:

      Aw, thank you, babe!! I love that you are reading my blog!! 😉

  8. Shell says:

    what a journey you two had!
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: I Miss My FriendsMy Profile

    • janet says:

      It’s been a great one!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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