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The word is really getting out about the Newbie Blog Hop and I am so thankful for everyone who is being supportive and tweeting, blogging, and telling others about it!!

From the linked up blogs in Week Four, I was thrilled to feature Kire at Your Family Should Have a Show. I always remember to take a moment each day to read about the hilarious things that happen in his family!! 

First, I wanted to remind you about the Newbie Blog Hop that opens at 9pm CST every Tuesday!! The link stays open until midnight on Wednesday, but you can stop by anytime to hop through the blogs and see what they are all about!!

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Featured Newbie

**Your Family Should Have A Show**

Be sure to read the first part of his interview here!! 🙂

My interview questions really don’t “fit” his blog all that well, but I love the answers… I would love to be a fly on the wall at his house some time, although I would likely get swatted with a flying backpack or something.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family. 

I’m a father of three kids and the husband of one woman.  At work I am referred to as boss, at home I am called all kinds of names. 

Do you have more than one blog? If so, tell me about them!

One blog is hard enough. 

How long have you been blogging?

The first official blog post went up on April 30, 2011.  I have managed to put up an original post every day since.

Why did you start blogging? Is this also why you continue blogging?

For years I promised myself I would write a book but my lifestyle wasn’t conducive for writing for more than ten minutes without interruption.  Friends and strangers would hear our little stories and would say that we should have a TV show.  This blog is some sort of compromise.

Who does your blog appeal to? Is this who you thought would be your target audience?

Your Family Should Have a Show appeals to a large range.  Friends and family who want to hear our stories, parents who can either sympathize with us or know someone in the Department of Social Services who they can call us on, or anyone looking for a quick laugh at our expense.

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

Latitude: 24-33’21” N                Longitude: 081-46’57” W        (nice…)

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

Coming up with something new and funny every day.  It’s harder than it seems.

What do you love about blogging?

I’m in it for the cardio workout.

What do you NOT love about blogging?

The police detail they have placed outside the house in case this thing gets out of control.

What types of product reviews and giveaways do you feature?

Up to this point I have never given an opinion on someone else’s product or work.  I’ve got plenty of opinions but I think everyone should get their own.   As for giveaways, I tried giving away my kids once or twice.  Nobody would take the college age one.  Something about the $45,000 per year in tuition he came with.  The little ones kept leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back home so I eventually gave up.

What was your favorite product to review?

Patriot Surface to Air missile battery.  Every neighborhood should have one.

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into this or up the value of their giveaways?

Stay in school.  Become a doctor like your mother wants you to be.

Besides your blog, how else can people find you? Which method is your favorite/least favorite?

I’m currently trying all on-line resources I can in an effort to figure out what I can do and what I want to do.  It’s the equivalent of the old advertising phrase “throw it against the wall and see what sticks.”

Currently I am on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, digg, stumbleupon, delicious, orkut, folkd, tagza, redgage, reddit, tumblr, squidoo, and the National Register of Historic Places.

Share your top 3 favorite posts from your blog.

Share your top 3 favorite blogs to read and why.

I seem through no plan of my own to have fallen in with the Mommy Blogger set.  I am still exploring other sites to find some to love.  Unfortunately I don’t use breast pumps or need a Starbucks gift card and following guy sites that talk football, video games or porn seem to fall outside the scope of what I’m trying to accomplish.

Do you have any bloggers that you consider to be mentors?

No, but I do consider my personal writing idols to be O. Henry, Dave Barry and Gary Larsen.

Do you have a weekly, daily, or monthly Blog Hop or Meme that people should join in?  Tell me about it and share an info link.

I still haven’t figured out how to use AdSense or Amazon Associates.  All this attach this code to the end of something else boggles me.  One of these days I’ll become a real blogger and not be made of wood anymore.

How do you find time to blog?

It’s hard to find a little quiet time to be pensive and thoughtful.  Sometimes, when I’m really pressed for time I’ll check the under couch cushions.  It’s amazing what you’ll find there.

What else would you like us to know?

I take my humor very seriously.

What is your best advice for a Newbie Blogger?

Forward progress, keep moving up the field, use your points, just pretend your playing catch and any other sports metaphor you can think of.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!

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