Newbie Blog Hop – Week Four (Updated)

Welcome to Week Four of

Newbie Blog Hop!!

If this is your first time here,

please read the Rules HERE.

Ok, nobody really comments on my button even though I ask every week if y’all like it!! 🙁 I made it myself!!!!

I’m so excited that we made it 4 weeks now and more and more people are learning about it!!

I want to hear if you all made new bloggy friends!!!

What type of Newbie questions do people have??!! I can start a weekly New Tip for Newbies each week on this Hop!!

We are growing and last week we had 14 entries in addition to the Featured Blog!!!

Now for…

Featured Newbie Blog!!!

This week’s Featured Blog is:

She Who Blogs Behind the Rows

Amanda at She Who Blogs Behind the Rows

has been blogging since August 29, 2011 and if I’m not mistaken, this was her first blog hop (and last week was her first week!!). Amanda is reading and reviewing books to give us all the scoop on what is hot and what is not!!

I met Amanda at a Twitter party for Blogaholic Social Network and if you’re not connected there yet, it’s great!! There is a wealth of knowledge to be found and such supportive bloggers!!

This week, let’s all show some love and support to She Who Blogs Behind the Rows!!

Link up with her, comment on her posts, tag her Facebook page, check out her Goodreads page, tweet about her…I know I will be!!!

Watch for my interview with her on Friday afternoon!!

(Speaking of Friday, have you heard about my Fatty Friday linkup??!!)

Do you want to be Next Week’s Featured Blog??!! Just link up…a new blog is picked at Random every week!!!


This week we are linking up FACEBOOK pages!!!! When you enter in the linky, just put your Facebook link and when we click it, we will land directly on it!!

**UPDATE** Please feel free to just link up your blog if you don’t have a FB page or you don’t know how or you just want to be your own person… 😉 This Hop is NOT strict, just FUN!!!!

Please be courteous and go LIKE your fellow Newbies out there from your personal page and let them know on the Wall that you’re following!! Be careful tagging too much, though, because you’ll get spam blocked…I’ve been there and it is no fun. 🙁 

After visiting the Facebook pages, go to the new sites and look around, leave comments…we all love them!!

Be sure to tell all your bloggy friends about this Hop – new and not-so-new so we can ALL join in the fun!!

**if you haven’t ever joined a Hop and are not sure how to navigate the Linky tool to get your name/blog on their, send me an email or use my Contact Form!!

P.S. If you are on Blogger, sometimes Blogger hates me and I have trouble entering a comment so if I haven’t commented on your site, it is NOT because I don’t want to!!! I always keep trying so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon!!!

Link up here!!


  1. New follower on GFC!
    Your button is gorgeous!

    • janet says:

      Thanks!!! I made it myself!! 😉

  2. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime says:

    Grabbing your newbie blog hop button to put on my site – love it! Your site looks great! What WordPress theme do you use?

    • janet says:

      Thank you so much!!! I am just using TwentyEleven, but I have a Child Theme that keeps the sidebar visible even when you click into the individual posts. Please don’t ask me to explain what I just said because all I really know is that I needed something clean so I picked TwentyEleven, then the sidebar would disappear so I searched until I found someone who said click here and download this…and somehow it worked. I would be happy to email you more details if you want!!! I would just have to look around into my editor pages. 😉

  3. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime says:

    Thanks for inviting me! My WordPress blog is very new – less than a month old (September 3rd). I’m still in the process of figuring out how to make it like I want.

    I had a blogspot blog that I imported old posts from. I started blogging on that one in February. I missed the cut-off day my 13 days. Will you still let me be a part of this newbie blog hop??

    • janet says:

      We are soooo not strict here!!! Welcome, I’m so happy to see you here!!!

      If you have questions about WordPress, let me know and I’ll see if I can help!

  4. I entered my Facebook page link is that what I was suppose to do? Everyone else linked up their actual blog.

    • janet says:

      Yeah, I think I may have surprised everyone with the FB page thing. You guys are welcome to link up however you want…I just Updated the post!! 😉

  5. Amanda says:

    Yep, first hop 🙂 Thank you for this and all you have done. For everyone else… don’t be shy. I don’t bite (much). I try and follow everyone back, because your voice is important!

    • janet says:

      Thank YOU for joining and for helping spread the word!!!

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