Newbie Blog Hop – Week Five (Exciting News!!)

Welcome to Week Five of

Newbie Blog Hop!!

If this is your first time here,

please read the Rules HERE, but also know that we’re not rule followers so bend them if you need to!! 

Last week, we had 18 blogs link up!! Even more exciting, we had 154 views!!! People are starting to pay attention!!

**Exciting News!!**

Did you get an email from me this week about featuring a link from your blog on my giveaways?!! If not, please email or comment below!! I have decided to start featuring the Newbie Bloggers one more way–by adding your blogs to my giveaways!!

Look at the Rafflecopter Roundup Giveaway Hop on Wednesday morning and see if your blog is listed on the Rafflecopter entry form!!

**Let me know how this is affecting your traffic!!!!**

Now for the Featured Newbie Blog!!!

This week’s Featured Blog is:

Your Family Should Have a Show

Blogger: Erik Royds AKA Kire Sdyor (ha!)

(no idea why this thumbnail is so tiny!!)

Kire has been blogging since April 30, 2011 and has posted every day since!! As part of being the Featured Blog each week, I send a list of questions (interview) to the blogger and offer the blogger a chance to guest post – if they want. Come back on Friday for my Interview with Kire, but I’ll give you a taste… He is hilarious!!

This is taken directly from a word document that Kire sent me:

Kire: Thank you for taking the time to do this.  Please take me with a grain of salt, preferably with Tequila.

From my email: If you want to send me the links to your GFC, email, Facebook, Twitter…wherever…I will include it all in the post too!!



Twitter: @KireSdyor

Jungle Drum Rhythm: Boom, Boom, Thunk - Um, huh?? :)

From my email: .Also, as part of the Featured Week, I would like to “interview” you for a feature post on Friday afternoon. The questions are below. Finally, completely your choice, but if you would like to submit a guest post (your pick on topic) or if you would like me to highlight a post you are especially proud of, please let me know!! 

Guest Post!!?

Attention Mommy Bloggers!  Be advised that a new breakthrough technology is being offered to you at little to no cost, as long as you have a great credit rating and are willing to have a section of your cerebral cortex removed and replaced with The Blog Wave 1000.  That’s right!  With the Blog Wave 1000 your thoughts will instantly become your blog.  No more sitting in front of that pesky lap top, typing away.  In fact I’m creating this post right now using this new, incredible device.  I know what you’re thinking, we’re out of 1% milk, but it’s true.  Between the emails, texts, tweets and I’ve got to send that physical form to the school, minutes will be saved every day from your life allowing you to I haven’t had sex in weeks for the most important person in your life, you.  With the Blog Wave 1000 did I mail the mortgage check have the same great content it always had with half the work.  Operators are standing by so I should take that pot roast out of the freezer. Copyright Kire Sdyor 2011

And that’s just a small part of the humor!! You have to read some of the crazy things that happen in his family…and the things his kids say!! I have found myself getting stuck reading his posts in Google Reader several times. Thanks, Erik/Kire/WhoeverYouAre, for the laughs!!

Link up with him, comment on his posts, tag his Facebook pagetweet about him…I know I will be!!!

Come back on Friday for the rest of the Interview!!

 (Speaking of Friday, have you heard about my Fatty Friday linkup??!!)

Do you want to be Next Week’s Featured Blog??!! Just link up…a new blog is picked at Random every week!!!

I think the Facebook pages link-up confused a few people last week so just link up whatever page you want: blog, facebook, twitter…

This Hop is NOT strict, just FUN!!!!

Please be courteous and go visit your fellow Newbies out there!!

Be sure to tell all your bloggy friends about this Hop – new and not-so-new so we can ALL join in the fun!!

**if you haven’t ever joined a Hop and are not sure how to navigate the Linky tool to get your name/blog on their, send me an email or use my Contact Form!!

P.S. If you are on Blogger, sometimes Blogger hates me and I have trouble entering a comment so if I haven’t commented on your site, it is NOT because I don’t want to!!! I always keep trying so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon!!!

PPS. What type of Newbie questions do people have??!! I can start a weekly New Tip for Newbies each week on this Hop!!

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