It’s Ok Thursday – On a Friday!!

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I have seen this link-up in many places and I was intrigued, but then I saw this post from Holly at 8six11 and I was inspired!!It's Ok link up at A Complete Waste of Makeup!! It's Ok…

  • that I'm blogging at work even though there are 3 reports overdue and there's a series of meetings going on behind me all day today. (I work in a cubicle just outside the conference room and they're having meetings every 15 minutes with clients and families and tons of people are walking past my cubicle
  • that I haven't updated my BlogRoll or BlogHop pages since I created them over a month ago (although I really should…even my own NewbieBlogHop is not on the page!!)
  • that I'm totally addicted to blogging, but my blog has no real niche and I'm just grateful people come every now and then to read my "Tornado of Thoughts Blurted Out Here"
  • that the sentence above in quotations is my Tagline, but I have it nowhere listed on my blog!!
  • that I have more Giveaway Events coming up than my brain can handle and very few sponsors… (if you want to be a sponsor, read this!!)
  • that I'm SOOOO happy that The Boy is going to Granny's house tonight and I REALLY hope he gets to stay Saturday night as well (I could catch up on laundry in my new washing machine, but I probably won't).
  • that I had a Starbucks Mocha Energy drink for breakfast and it is totally NOT on my new eating plan… (shameless plug for FattyFriday…see it here!!)
  • that I could probably do this ALL DAY, but I'm going to stop here because, well, I don't know why…I just want to!!

Whoa, this is blog post #3 of 4 today…I need to slow down!! You guys should really go read the rest of them now… and enter to win a $30 gift certificate to AliceTease and a Personalized Tank Top from!! Happy Weekend!!!  

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