Fatty Friday – 288.4

Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!

My new weight:


That’s a 9.4 lb loss!!

I am so excited that this past week has paid off for me!!

Hubby lost 6.4 lbs!!

He’s a little bummed, so let’s Hoot’nHoller for him!!

I am starting a new weekly post (and linky) to talk about my Weight Loss Journey. Hubby and I weigh in on Thursdays and I’ll be talking about our experiences, struggles, triumphs, disappointments, and encouragements!!

Hubby and I started a new eating plan in May 2010 when we were both at our highest. I was 345.6 lbs on May 1, 2010. (I really need to remember to ask Hubby if I can post his weight :() Around October/November, I had lost almost 90 lbs and I was somewhere around 255-260…

Then, the Holidays hit.

Hubby had hit a plateau and the center we were going to recommended that he have a “cheat day” and then restart the eating plan. So, we both took a cheat day, which turned into a weekly cheat day, which turned into every Thursday after we weighed in we would gorge on Mexican food, then eat all weekend, and frantically diet on Monday-Thursday again hoping we would lose.

We decided we would eat during the Holidays which turned into Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, January (not really a Holiday, but we were on a roll!), The Boy’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, My Birthday, and then we just gave up.

We tried to go back to the center and restart, but then the brakes were broken on the Jeep so we couldn’t go weigh in. No weigh in, no need to diet, right??!!

The brakes got fixed and then the A/C in the Jeep broke and we couldn’t subject The Boy to an hour drive in 100 degree weather. Excuses, excuses…and the eating got worse.

Well, the A/C isn’t fixed, but the weather is nicer, and we feel CRAPPY AND FAT!!

Over the course of the past nine months, Hubby has gained 60-70 lbs and I gained almost 40 lbs…no wonder we are tired and cranky all the time.

I will begin posting my weight loss every Friday after our weigh-in on Thursday!! When we started this in May 2010, we would post to Facebook and it was incredible how much support we received!! It is so much easier to be disciplined when people are watching and encouraging and I’m hoping this will work on my blog as well.

What about the Linky??!!

I’m calling it Fatty Friday!! 😉

Well, it’s for those of us who struggle with weight issues, who need encouragement, who have encouraging words to say to those of us still trying…or trying again!! Link up a post that you have written either about your struggle or with some words of encouragement or tips for eating healthy, working out, feeling satisfied… Be creative!! There are no rules so if you feel it “fits” (ha!) then link it up!! If you don’t want to post and link up, just leave something in the comments!!

Then, go through and read each others blogs and encourage one another!!

This is all about support!! 

Don’t forget to encourage me!! I need it!!

**Linky will remain open until Thursday at midnight**


  1. Barb says:

    I am so so so proud of you Janet…for you and your hub!!! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it, to break milestones in our attempts to reach our ultimate goals?

    • Barb says:

      Oh…sorry; forgot to add;

      I love your fatty friday posts and cant wait to read next weeks.

      • janet says:

        That’s okay!! It’s open all week and will just reset on Friday!!

    • janet says:

      Thank you!! It is a great feeling!! Especially when I went to a kids birthday party this weekend and wasn’t tempted by the lasagna, garlic toast, cake, OR ice cream!!!!

  2. Working Mommy says:

    horray! good for you!!


  3. Kristin W says:

    You are doing a great thing not only for your health, but your family and self esteem! I am trying to lose some weight, but my hubby is being a bit a lazy on completely agreeing to do it with me.

    I know what it is like to struggle with weight. I developed an eating disorder at the age of 13. That is another story though.

    Now I am wanting to go back to what I weighed when we got married (a very healthy weight).

    • janet says:

      We are feeling so good already!! You can get healthy…with his support or not!! I’m always there for ya!!


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